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The 5 Child Toys That Cause the Most Personal Injuries

Product liability cases are cases that involve personal injuries to people who buy certain products. Toys are examples of products that may fall under the product liability umbrella. In such a case, the manufacturer may be responsible for paying an injured person’s medical bills and other expenses. Such a company may have to pay compensation to a family if a child dies because of a faulty product. You may not realize it, but toys are a common cause of personal injury. The following are some of the most common types of toys that cause personal injuries to children.

Choking Hazard: Small Toys

One of the most common types of hazards to children is a choking hazard. Toys with less than a 1.75-inch diameter must have a warning on the label that notifies potential buyers of the choking risk to children. If a child chokes and gets hurt or killed because of an inappropriate or missing label, the manufacturer may be held liable for the incident. Examples of some of the toys that could cause a choking hazard are marbles, small balls, Jax, tiny Legos, and similar toys. Small building blocks can fit into this category, as well.

Suffocation Hazard: Inflatable Toys

Some toys can cause children to suffocate. Again, the manufacturers must offer labeling that provides potential buyers with the appropriate age ranges of the children who should be playing with such toys. The manufacturer could be in trouble with the court system if it does not provide such labeling, and a child gets hurt because of it. Examples of the kinds of toys that pose this threat are balloons, bean bag chairs, large stuffed animals or any toys that come with plastic wrapping. A Houston personal injury attorney states that “despite tough laws, high dollar settlements, and jury verdicts, thousands of children are tragically hurt or killed every year when using defective toys.” This is why parents must never leave young children or infants unattended around such toys.

Toys With Lead Paint: Lead Poisoning

Some manufacturers use paint that contains lead in it to create toys for children. This can cause a potential for children who play with the toys to develop lead poisoning. Examples of the types of toys that may have lead in them are soft plastic toys such as fake jewelry sets and musical instruments. There may also be a high lead content in antique and classic toys such as Transformer toys and cars. Manufacturers are required to provide information about the lead content so that buyers will know of the content before they buy the products.

Electric Devices: Fire Hazard

Some devices have electrical components that can cause them to be a fire hazard. These items must have warnings on the labels that instruct the users of what they should and shouldn’t do when operating them. Failure to provide such information can result in a lawsuit if someone gets hurt. Hoverboards are just one example of a toy that may pose a fire hazard. Motorized bikes and cars can also be a hazard to the users.

Toys With Toxic Chemicals

Some toys have chemicals in them that can cause a child to become ill. One example of a toy that was found to have harmful chemicals is a toy called the Squishy. The Squishies had at least four chemicals in them that could potentially cause liver damage, skin irritations, and respiratory problems. Toxic chemicals included Xylene, Dimethylformamide, and Methylene Chloride. Again, manufacturers are obligated to notify the customers of any ingredients that can harm them.

What to Do If Your Child Is Hurt

You must act quickly if you believe that a product has harmed your child, and the manufacturer may be responsible. You should seek medical attention for the problem immediately and then be sure not to use the toy again. The final step you should take is to contact a personal injury attorney. This is a legal professional who specializes in getting victims of faulty and dangerous products the compensation they deserve.

It is important to be aware of the types of toys that your children are playing with to avoid an injury. Be sure to keep an eye on your kids, especially if they are young, when they are playing with such toys listed above.

Author information: Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills.

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