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Road Signs: The Ultimate New Driver Handbook

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No matter if you are traveling on a rural road, a suburban street, or a highway overpass, road signs will be present to alert you to potential hazards, route changes, and speed limits. And for new drivers, the sheer amount of signs and new laws to follow can get overwhelming.

To uncomplicate the intricate rules of the road and help you nail your driver’s test (not to mention stay safe when traveling) we’ve created the ultimate guide to road signs. Keep reading to get familiarized with how the road signs we know today came to be, the most common shapes and colors as well as the meaning behind each sign.

Road signs: what you need to know

To help you navigate any road with ease, there are important signs that you need to have committed to memory. In addition to recognizing their shape and color, understanding how to follow the laws they dictate is crucial to your well-being behind the wheel. Below, we break down the four main types of road signs, common shapes and colors, and unique signs you should be aware of as a new driver.

The three main types of road signs

The three main types of road signs are regulatory signs, warning signs and guide signs.

Regulatory signs

A regulatory sign is a reminder to drivers about traffic regulations and laws. While most regulatory signs are enforced at all times, some are conditional depending on the time of day and weather, but still must be followed as stated. Typical regulatory signs can come in a variety of shapes and colors and include stop signs, speed limit signs, one-way signs, and yield signs.

Warning signs

Warning signs are used to draw the driver’s attention to an upcoming or possible hazard that will affect how they drive. It also alerts the driver to circumstances that they cannot easily spot, such as potential pedestrians, animal crossings, or a speed bump in the road. Warning signs are generally pennant shaped and bright yellow with a reflective coating.

Guide signs

Guide signs state mileage and location-specific information such as exit and entry signs for a freeway. Route signs also fall into this category as well, as they signal the route number and or county travelers are in to help keep them up-to-date on their current location. They also including hiking, parking, and rest stop signs. These types of signs are often rectangular and green or white but can take on a variety of unique shapes and colors depending upon the type of information displayed.

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