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Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

Were you recently injured in a workplace accident? You may have racked up huge medical bills. On top of that, you may have lost months’ worth of wages. If you were not the cause of your accident, there is no reason you should foot the bill for it. The time for you to speak to a personal injury lawyer is now.

Get Medical Attention for Your Injuries

The first thing you need to do after your workplace injury is to get medical attention. This is crucial even if you don’t think your injuries are that major. You need to get full treatment and documentation from a certified medical professional.

By doing so, you will make sure that you do not suffer later from delayed symptoms that could seriously impair your quality of life. You will be making sure that you have all of the paperwork that is necessary to prove that your injuries are real. This is valuable documentation that you will need to give to your insurance company.

Present Your Claim to Your Insurance Company

The next thing that you will need to do is to present your injury claim to your insurance company. It’s a good idea to try to gather up all of the evidence you can present them with. This may include statements from police, emergency medical team members, and eyewitnesses. Also, try to take photos of the accident scene if you can.

The more evidence that you can gather, the stronger your case will be. This is all the more important when dealing with your insurance company. Because this type of company is a for-profit organization, the bar of proof may be set very high.

Keep in mind that your insurance company may try to stiff you. They may try to say that you waited too long to file your claim or that you filed the wrong type of claim. They may try to deny that you were truthful about reporting your injuries. If they try any of these things, your next step should be to speak to a personal injury attorney.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Your next step should be to talk to a personal injury lawyer. You can contact a lawyer based on where you reside. A quick Google search such as “law practice Birmingham, Alabama” will help narrow down your options. If your insurance company tries to deny you the full amount of your claim, a personal injury attorney is a person who can force them to pay you.

This is not an optional step. If you don’t have professional counsel to represent you, you will be at the mercy of the insurance company. You can be sure that they will hire a top-rated insurance industry lawyer to represent their cause. They will do all in their power to discredit you by getting you to contradict or incriminate yourself.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, think about what is at stake here. You need to be able to pay your bills and keep your house and car. The rest of your life depends on your actions.

If you don’t have a personal injury lawyer to rely on, you won’t be able to press your claim to the fullest extent. You may be forced to accept a very meager settlement or even no settlement at all. This will be a poor showing for justice especially after the injuries, lost wages, and decreased quality of life you may be forced to endure.

A personal injury attorney can help you file your case. They will stand with you through each stage of the process. The goal will be to get you the full amount of compensation that you deserve for all of your medical expenses and lost wages. They will also work hard to get you punitive damages for your pain and suffering.

Don’t Let a Workplace Injury Drive You into Bankruptcy

There is no reason you should have to be on the verge of bankruptcy. If the person who caused your injury won’t pay up, you can hire a personal injury lawyer. This is the legal expert who will back you through each step of the legal process. The time to file your claim and get the payout you deserve is now.


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