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What Kind of Accidents Could Be Part of a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury is a broad term that seems to entail any type of accident. There are only certain types that are covered under this law. Learn about the most common types of accidents that require the assistance of personal injury attorneys.

Car Accidents

A car accident is the most common reason for a personal injury case. It’s one of the most expensive cases to handle as you’ll need money for auto repair bills, medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, transportation rentals, and more.

Learn more about your state law and file your case as quickly as possible. Some at-fault laws do not offer any compensation if you show partial or total fault for the accident. In addition, auto insurance companies provide many excuses to avoid taking responsibility for your accident. Hiring a lawyer is the best option to win a case.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls include falling down the stairs, slipping on ice, stumbling on a pavement crack, falling off a roof, and other accidents. You are not at fault if the accident was preventable but occurred due to someone else’s negligence. You could find a property owner liable if you walked on a dangerous crack or pothole on his or her property. However, you might not have a case if you slipped and fell at home or if you carried heavy bags while slipping. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in slips and falls will help you to distinguish between the two types of liability.

Dog Bites

Every dog owner is responsible for a dog that causes harm to someone else. Hold this person financially liable for any medical bills, lost wages or pain and suffering that you have had. Many legal clients receive tens of thousands of dollars in awarded claims. The result of each case is based on the extent of the injuries, the state laws, and the circumstances of the accident.

Workplace Accidents

Workers’ compensation laws vary in many states, and not all employers are required to provide workers’ comp. A personal injury lawyer helps an injured worker receive full compensation that is covered by any other type of insurance. Many personal injury lawyers are sympathetic that you’ve lost your job. They’ll charge you fees only after the case is won, even if you have piles of legal bills. In addition, you’ll receive the money more quickly than if you handled the situation yourself.

Personal injury cases affect a wide range of accidents that involve vehicles, animals, workplaces, personal negligence, and defective products. These injuries are personal damages to the body and mind, including pain and suffering, along with financial damages to property and wages. Every accident situation is different with each client, and it’s recommended that you hire a specialist in personal injury law to handle your case.

Author information: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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