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What to Do if You Were Hit by a Company-Owned Vehicle

Determining fault in a car wreck isn’t always easy. It’s even tougher, though, to determine who bears the fiscal responsibility for your injuries if the other party was driving for a company. If you’re in such a situation, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

Assess the Need for Help

No matter what conversations the driver of the other vehicle tries to have with you, your first priority is your own health. Take a moment to assess the situation and figure out if this is a minor fender-bender or if you need to call for an ambulance. Don’t have any other conversations until you determine what type of emergency services need to be called.

Even if you decide that you don’t require emergency medical attention in the moment, you should still seek medical attention later. Some injuries, like whiplash, aren’t immediately apparent but can still cause pain in the days following the accident.

Call the Police

While the other driver might want to talk to you as soon as possible, you need to contact the police to come to the scene of the wreck. Some states have laws on the books that penalize those who leave the scene of an accident.

Perhaps more important, this is your best chance to get a written record of what happened, which will be very important in any case that follows. You may not want to get the police involved in a small accident, but it’s actually helpful to be the person who makes that initial call.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

Now it’s time to get the information from the other driver. While this information will be obtainable by the police, it is helpful for you to go ahead and get the driver’s name and contact information, as well as the contact information for the company for which the driver is driving. Remember, you’re likely going to be dealing with the company after this, so you’ll want to ask the driver for any relevant information about who you should contact at the company.

Call a Lawyer

Commercial vehicle wreck attorneys are going to be vital allies as you move forward, so you should find one to help as soon as possible. A good attorney will guide you on your next steps and help to ensure that you don’t get bullied by the other company. They’ll be your advocate with both the insurance company and the responsible company. They’ll also have the experience to make sure all documents are filed properly and on time, which will smooth the process considerably.

It can be difficult to prove who bears the fiscal responsibility for your wreck or injuries, but a good lawyer will help you to figure everything out. Your first goal should be to get back on your feet, then to make sure that the right party is held responsible. With the right representation, you can put the wreck behind you.

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