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What to Do If You Get Injured at a Family Party

When you are attending a family party, there is no doubt you will have a good time. However, even in a setting where you may be very comfortable and relaxed, there is always the chance an accident could occur that results in you being injured. Should this happen, it is a situation you should never take lightly. Since you may need to seek compensation for your injuries, here are some steps you should take immediately following your accident.

Get Medical Treatment

Whether or not you think you are seriously hurt, always get medical treatment so that your injuries are properly assessed and treated. Along with getting help at the party, visit a hospital or family doctor within 24-48 hours at the most to have your injuries treated and documented.

Document the Scene

Wherever your injury took place, try using your smartphone to take pictures of the area where you were injured. By doing so, a personal injury lawyer you hire to help you gain compensation can often determine if you were injured due to another person’s negligence or carelessness.

Get Witness Statements

Though you may be hesitant to involve other family members in a potential personal injury lawsuit, it is crucial you get statements immediately from anyone who witnessed you being injured. In many cases, these statements make all the difference between winning or losing a case. Also, memories of witnesses can fade quickly after only a day or two, so getting statements as soon as possible will ensure you get an accurate description of what they saw happen.

Don’t Say “I’m Sorry”

Even though it is a family party and you of course want to be as polite as possible to everyone, saying “I’m sorry” following an injury may put a quick end to a potential personal injury lawsuit. Should you ultimately need to file a personal injury lawsuit to gain compensation needed to pay your medical bills and replace crucial and substantial amounts of lost income, telling others “I’m sorry” will sound as if you admitted the accident was your fault.

Since being injured at a family party will certainly put a damper on the fun you were having at the time, it is important you take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights in these situations. Due to the likelihood you may need to file a lawsuit to gain compensation if you were seriously injured, it is best to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney.

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