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How Can Lawyers Help Protect Your Rights of Reasonable Expectations of Safety?

If you are involved in a civil matter, it’s generally in your best interest to hire an attorney to help with the case. A legal professional may be able to protect both your rights and your physical safety as the case progresses. Let’s look at some specific ways in which he or she may be able to keep you free from harm.

Legal Counsel Might Seek a Protective Order

It isn’t uncommon for defendants to take action against those who seek to hold them accountable for their actions, also known as retaliation. If you are threatened with physical or other types of harm by someone associated with the defendant in your case, your legal representative may pursue and obtain a protective order against that individual. This will make any attempts to contact or approach you illegal on their part and give you police protection against their retaliation when necessary.

An Attorney May Ask That the Defendant’s Bail Be Revoked

An individual might face both civil and criminal penalties in a personal injury matter. While the person who hurt you will likely be taken to jail on the criminal charges, there is a good chance that he or she will be allowed to post bail. However, if you have been threatened by this individual, it may be possible for your attorney to request that his or her bail be revoked.

A Legal Representative Could Take Action Against Your Employer

If you’re hurt on the job, you must be given time to recover from injuries sustained in the accident. A personal injury lawyer might help you file a complaint against your employer if you’re forced to work before getting permission from a doctor to do so. Legal counsel might also assist in the process of asking OSHA to launch an investigation into why the accident occurred.

Legal Professionals Might Limit the Release of Sensitive Information

A lawyer may request that information such as your address or the name of your employer be hidden from the media. This may reduce the chances that someone attempts to harass or intimidate you during a civil proceeding. It may also minimize any attempts to use that information to steal your identity or commit other types of fraud that may have a negative impact on your person or professional reputations.

An attorney is ethically required to serve as your advocate during any type of legal proceeding. He or she may be able to take a variety of steps to ensure that you and your family avoid any type of physical harm before or during the case. If anything happens to you after the legal process concludes, your lawyer might be able to help you hold the perpetrator accountable for his or her actions.

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