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Why You Should Consider Having Your Criminal Record Expunged

If you possess a criminal record, you know all too well just how having past brushes with the law can impact your life. Whether it has kept you from getting a job, being accepted into a college, or obtaining housing, these are just a few reasons why having your criminal record expunged may be an option you should seriously consider. Though the process may be a bit complex, working with an attorney who is familiar with expungement can make it well worth the effort.

Getting a Job

Since employers don’t want to worry about the character of their employees, expunging your criminal record could mean the difference between getting the job you want or being turned down due to your criminal past. If you were arrested for stealing or other related crimes, expunging your record is recommended.

Obtaining Housing

If you want to rent an apartment or house, the landlord will almost certainly run a background check on you. When this happens, your criminal past may come to light. Rather than let this keep you from obtaining adequate housing in an area where you want to live, speak to an attorney about criminal record expungement as soon as possible.

Personal Life

In today’s world, it has become much easier for the average person to go online and run various types of background checks on people they are dating, considering hiring for a job, or with whom they are becoming good friends. If your criminal record is still available for all to see, this could have a big impact on your personal life. From losing out on a potential spouse to being shunned by someone you thought was a good friend, these reasons alone make expunging your criminal record something you should seriously consider pursuing.

Getting into College

Should you have had lapses in judgment as a youth and thus obtained a criminal record for theft, vandalism, or other offenses, this could at some point make it much harder for you to get into the college of your choice. While you may be able to explain to school administrators how you have changed since you grew up, having your criminal record expunged would let you bypass this potentially embarrassing situation.

Rather than risk letting poor judgment earlier in your life result in having limited opportunities to obtain an education, job, or various relationships, speak to an experienced attorney who can provide details about criminal record expungement.

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