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How to Get Your Social Security Disability Claim to Go Through

Putting together a Social Security disability claim may take time and significant effort to sail through successfully. There are approaches through which you can reduce the challenges involved in the process. The strategies include availing the required information timely, filling the paperwork appropriately and on time, and submitting health records early. Read through to know […]

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Basic Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

We all know that cars are machines. They need regular maintenance if you don’t want to find yourself standing by the roadside because your car broke down. More importantly, regular car maintenance increases the lifespan of your vehicle while reducing the cost of repair. Unfortunately, not all drivers are well-versed in how to take proper […]

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FMCSA Pilot Program Allowing Truck Drivers Younger Than 21 to Cross State Lines Divides Industry, Safety Advocates

The Washington Post reported the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “is proposing a pilot program to allow people as young as 18 to drive trucks across the country, an idea enthusiastically supported by trucking companies as a way to open the door to recruitment in high schools but facing deep opposition from safety organizations that say […]

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Friday Fun

I never thought I would refer to a bowling alley video as stunning, but this combination of precision drone piloting and audio dubbing is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

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When a Living Trust Is the Right Choice for Your Will

If you are in the beginning stages of estate planning, you may be assuming that a will alone will take care of all issues regarding the distribution of your assets upon your death. While this is true in many cases, you may also want to consider creating a living trust. A legal and enforceable document […]

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Russian Hack Brings Changes, Uncertainty to US Court System

Under new court rules, highly sensitive documents will have to be printed and hand-delivered to the courthouse. The new rules for filing sensitive documents are one of the clearest ways the hack has affected the court system. Read Article: From the Texas Trial Lawyers Association news release.  

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What Does Pain and Suffering Mean in a Personal Injury Claim?

You have probably heard of the term “pain and suffering” used in reference to a lawsuit. Unless you work in the legal profession, you may not know how it applies to a personal injury case. It is important to know what pain and suffering refer to from a legal perspective. In these situations, there are […]

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Rate of Traffic Deaths Rises During COVID

The rate of traffic deaths jumped in the first half of 2020, and safety experts blame drivers who sped up on roads left open when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down businesses and limited commuting. A crash that is easily survivable at 40 miles per hour can be fatal at 50 mph or more, according to […]

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Why You Might Need to Hire a Lawyer After Being in a Car Accident

Car accidents and personal injuries cause a lot of pain. In a case where you have been hurt or injured by the negligence of another person, it is possible to seek compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses. You don’t have to look for a personal injury lawyer after car accidents, but these […]

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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Family disputes call for legal representation from a skilled lawyer who will ensure that rules and procedures are adhered to from the get-go. Are you looking to hire the best attorney to represent your family but do not know where to start? Here are the top six questions to ask a family lawyer before hiring […]

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