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What You Can Expect After a Head Injury on the Job

When you are at your job and are involved in an accident resulting in a head injury, don’t make the mistake of trying to tough it out and continue on. Even if you initially think the injury is not serious, many of the most serious head injuries don’t exhibit symptoms until several hours later. Since you won’t know if you only have a mild concussion or perhaps the beginnings of a serious brain injury, here’s what you should do after you sustain a head injury on the job.

Report the Injury

As soon as possible, always report your head injury to your supervisor. By doing so, your supervisor will then be required to file an accident report, which can contain key information you may be able to use should you file a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Allow for Medical Treatment

If you suffer a work-related head injury, don’t shrug it off and fail to get proper medical treatment. If you do, you not only put your health at great risk, but also make it more difficult for yourself and your personal injury lawyer later on should you file a lawsuit or workers’ comp claim. Since even the slightest bump on your head could lead to unknown bleeding and swelling inside your skull, seek medical treatment immediately after your accident.

Be Careful What You Say

Following your accident that results in you receiving a head injury, be careful what you say to your supervisor, coworkers, doctors, and others regarding what happened. Since insurance companies look for any avenue to deny accident victims compensation, even an offhand remark such as “I’m sorry” or “I think I’m okay” can be used against you by an insurance company or even your employer. Therefore, stick just to the facts of your accident until you have spoken in-depth with an experienced head injury attorney.

Beware of the Quick Settlement

If it turns out you suffered a serious head injury that will require extensive medical treatment and have you missing weeks from your job, beware of a quick settlement offer that may come from an insurance company or your employer. In almost all cases, the money offered you will be far less than what you could gain if you allow your lawyer to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

By taking the proper steps after your head injury, you can receive the best medical treatment and position yourself to gain maximum compensation for your accident.

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