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Are You Disabled? How to Qualify for Social Security Assistance

If you have ever thought of reaping your Social Security benefits, there is much more work to do than meets the eye. Although you might seem like a person living with a disability, you have to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt to the government. That is the only way to become a beneficiary of these benefits. Please note that the government only recognizes a disabled person as one with a mental or physical impairment, has had such a record, or is regarded as having the impairment. That brings us to look at what makes you qualify for Social Security assistance.

Do You Have a Source of Income?

You are only considered disabled when you cannot work or when the average income you make in a month is less than $1,310. If you are not working, the disability determination services review your health condition and write a report about it. The information is used to determine whether you deserve to get Social Security benefits.

What Is Your State?

If your condition limits you from doing simple tasks such as moving your limbs, lifting an item, or remembering for more than a year, then your case is reviewed. Such a case could be termed as severe. There are possibilities that you will benefit from the disability benefits after a health report is drawn.

Can You Go Back to Your Work or Manage Another Task?

Assume you got into a horrible accident at work. As you are recovering, the government needs to know whether you can go back to your duties. If not, is there any other job that you can do and get sustainable income from? If you prove that you cannot go back to your job and cannot handle any other work, the government considers you disabled and grants you disability benefits.

What Is Your Case?

Although most people who receive disability benefits are workers on their records, there are unique situations that the government recognizes. Some cases include workers’ widows or widowers, benefits for disabled children, and benefits for wounded warriors and veterans. Some of these situations have to be proven by an SSI attorney in a court of law. If you are completely visually impaired or have low vision, you should verify that your visual field is less than 20 degrees and nothing can be done about it.

Before applying for these funds, take your time to think over things. The government wants these benefits to get to those that rightfully deserve them. It would help if you also took care of the government’s interests by being honest when you file for such benefits.

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