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Been the Victim of a Criminal Act? How to Set Things Right for Good

Many times people are falsely accused of a crime that they didn’t commit. If you feel that you have been falsely accused of a crime, consider getting help from a criminal defense attorney. They offer free consultations and can give you their advice about your case. When all is said and done, their legal counsel will include information about your rights as a victim, and they will do all they can to see the charges dropped. It is their job to protect your rights, especially if you have been inappropriately treated during an arrest.

What Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for You?

You, the accused, have rights you may not know about. This is why obtaining legal counsel is important. Have you been falsely arrested? During the arrest, were you treated fairly? A criminal defense lawyer is on your side when you feel no one else is. After getting to know you and reviewing your case, they will seek justice for you. They will defend you in court by questioning the alleged victim and their witnesses. They are familiar with all aspects of criminal law.

Have You Been Treated Fairly By Officers of the Law?

We often see news stories where police officers ignore medical problems that a person has experienced during the course of an arrest. Did they use excessive force during the arrest? Police officers aren’t the only ones who may have treated you unjustly. Correctional officers, prosecutors, and even judges may be treating you unfairly or presenting false information about your case. If so, a criminal defense attorney will do a thorough investigation.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Stand up for Your Rights

The federal criminal statute under 18 U.S.C § 242 states: “…intends to protect all persons in the United States of their civil rights and furnish the means of their vindication…” This article speaks of the limits of conduct used by law enforcement. The Constitution offers you protection. Victims who are mistreated by law enforcement are protected by the Constitution.

A criminal defense attorney is experienced and familiar with broken codes of conduct by law enforcement agencies. You can obtain a free legal consultation from a criminal attorney defense attorney to see where you stand. If you feel that you have been charged falsely or treated harshly, they will stand by you throughout the court proceeding. They fight for the rights of their clients in court and out of court.

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