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Understanding What Types of Accidents You Should Hire a Lawyer For

We call them accidents. Just by that label, we often fail to recognize that there could be liability involved. When your exposure to inherent risk results in injury, it is helpful to understand what types of accidents you should hire a lawyer for.

Public Liability

Any time the general public is permitted onto the property, the property owner, the business owner, or even the city is expected to meet a duty of care to avoid loss or damages. Even when these interests do everything in their power to protect the public, there must be a means of protecting people in the event of mishaps. The answer is third-party or liability insurance and is compulsory in most countries.

Public liability insurance extends beyond the visitors, guests, or users of the facility to include such third parties as subcontractors, architects, and engineers. Though insurance underwriters may offer the best recommendations to keep everyone safe while on the premises, insurance coverage cannot anticipate every possible scenario that may result in unforeseen injury.

To give you an idea, some examples of eligible claims include:

  • Dog attack
  • Playground accidents on the schoolyard
  • Failure to maintain premises in a clean and safe condition
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Plane or boat accidents

These are but a few examples, but when someone sustains injury in the public realm, liability insurance protects both the first party, the insured, as well as the third party, the public. Whether an injury is due to unforeseen circumstances or pure neglect, it is best advised to seek legal assistance immediately.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

By virtue of the movement of motor vehicles, any accident involving automobiles can be a shock to the system. Often those who have sustained an injury in a car accident are preoccupied with overcoming the disturbance to be aware that they could use some assistance in figuring out the circumstances.

Motor vehicle accident victims have too much stress on their plate to be focused on legal processes. Consulting a lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity means experienced investigations and evidence gathering efforts can carry on while the victim focuses on healing and seeing about vehicle repairs. Many times, just receiving correspondence and negotiations on legal letterhead is enough to gain the attention of the responsible party in a way that accident victims might not have gained by themselves.

Whether you are the driver, a passenger, a bicyclist, a motorcyclist, or a pedestrian, the help of a professional lawyer is quite possibly the best help you can obtain. Best of all, these types of cases are handled by a no-win-no-fee injury lawyer, which simply means if you do not prevail in your case, you do not pay for the services.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace accidents can have a significant impact on your life. Between medical cost, downtime, and worrying about missing work, there is much to consider. Despite all that, you have a right to compensation. It is difficult at best for the worker to know what their best options are for optimal results. While employers in most states must provide worker’s compensation coverage to take care of you, it is often not enough to satisfy your needs.

Having the help of an experienced lawyer in such cases means the best protection to help you get all that you are entitled to receive. If there are further circumstances such as unfair dismissal due to illness, injury, harassment, or discrimination, having a lawyer supporting your case is the best way to explore every legal avenue whether you are a regular full-time or part-time worker.

Whether you have had an accident at work, in a public space, in a motor vehicle accident, or as a result of medical malpractice, you have the right to seek relief for your injuries. There may be related expenses such as hospital care, a loss of earnings or wages, and more importantly, what is referred to as pain and suffering. Having the help of an experienced lawyer not only preserves your ability to seek relief and be made whole again but may also serve to preserve your ability to make claims that would otherwise be dismissed due to timing.

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