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What Steps to Take When Your Car Is Damaged in a Hit-and-Run

There’s no doubt about it; being involved in an auto accident can be both traumatizing and expensive. Fortunately, most divers will stop and deal with the issue so the guilty party’s insurance can pay for the damages. However, there are cases in which you may end up being hit and have the other driver flee the scene. This is called a hit-and-run, and knowing what to do in this situation is very important. Read on to learn the steps you should take after being involved in a hit-and-run auto accident.

Always Call for a Police Officer

No matter if the other person is there or not, your first step should always involve calling a police officer to the scene. The police officer will help render aid, close off the area and provide you with an official accident report which is going to be later required by your insurance provider. Note that you should write down the officer’s name and any contact information they are able to offer you.

Contact Your Auto Insurance Provider

The next people on your list to contact is your auto insurance company. Ask to speak to your specific agent and begin to explain the situation. This is important because an insurance company will want to hear about an accident as soon as possible. Not only does this help to get your car fixed that much faster, but it may help your case if your claim is denied. In fact, car accident attorneys often recommend that drivers record their calls with agents to ensure that everything is properly documented. You may need an attorney yourself as well if you discover the perpetrator and need to prove fault.

Make Sure You Document Everything

If you are able to safely walk around the area, it is highly recommended that you now take the time to document everything. This means taking pictures/videos of your car and the scene. If there are witnesses around, having them tell you what happened and providing you with their information is an added bonus. Their information may be able to help catch the other driver by providing details regarding the make and color of the car. This is incredibly important as you may not have had enough time to process the event while it was happening.

Getting into a car crash is understandably a scary event, and wondering how your car is going to be fixed should not be an added concern. Therefore, it is highly recommended to utilize the information if you are, unfortunately, ever involved in a hit-and-run accident.

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