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How to Find Court Approved Addiction Treatment

How Does Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment Work?

One must start by contacting the local authorities. Get to know about the criteria that a person must meet before the state can coerce them into alcohol or drug addiction treatment. After the judge issues the order, the state will take your loved one into legal custody wherein they will be evaluated to see whether or not they need the involuntary treatment.

At this point, only authorities will decide what to do. Based on the evaluations done by psychiatrists, physicians, judges, and counselors; treatment may be deemed necessary. If so, an order will be issued to move the person into rehab.

Types of Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment

Most addiction-related correctional programs include the following as part of mandated rehab services –

  • Intensive supervision
  • Vocational education
  • Day reporting

The court could also mandate the offenders to be tested for drugs and alcohol and finish the program once started.

What are the Criteria that an Offender Has to Meet Before They Can be Court-mandated for a Rehab?

Different states will have different criteria before a person can get their loved ones to a court-mandated drug or alcohol rehab. The most important criteria are that the person must have no control over their drug usage.

They must be using the drug substantially every day and must be experiencing physical and/or mental issues due to the drug abuse. They must be a harm to themselves or those around them.

If you think that turning your loved ones on this route is the best idea, be sure to contact your local authorities. This will help you to ensure whether or not the treatment will help them and if it will cover the punitive damages.

Benefits of Court-Ordered Rehab for Criminal Offenders

A court-ordered rehab program is likely to be most successful when the person in consideration is willing to accept it. They must admit that they need treatment and show active participation in whatever the therapist has to offer.

It’s good to know that such rehab programs are highly effective and you can expect to reap several of the following benefits –

  • You get to learn life skills, better coping mechanisms, and stress management techniques; all of which are essential for maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. Most programs will have these key components other than counseling, detox, and medication for a well-rounded recovery.
  • One major reason that keeps people within a cycle of abuse is their environment which is full of stressors and triggers. But a rehab program offers a highly structured environment free from such triggers. Most of these centers are in remote locations so that patients can enjoy tranquility and privacy. They get a chance for self-contemplation and wholesome healing.
  • A good inpatient addiction treatment program will follow a custom, well-rounded approach. Since every person is different, it’s important to offer a blend of holistic, traditional, as well as alternative treatment methods for comprehensive recovery.
  • Rehab centers conduct a continual and ongoing clinical assessment to make sure that the person is making recovery. It’s also necessary to keep tabs on the person’s health, safety, and recovery goals.

What Are the Consequences Of Violating Court-Mandated Rehab Treatment?

If a judge sentences a person to enter a court-mandated rehab; there’s some possibility that the person might choose to violate the terms of their sentence.

Mostly this happens when the person shows resistance against enrolling in treatment so they stop attending the program before they have completed the required hours.

Some other ways to violate the terms of sentences are – selling or possessing drugs or having multiple relapses.

There can be severe consequences for such violations. They may vary based on different factors, such as –

  • Nature of violation
  • Frequency of violation
  • Criminal history
  • Overall behavior during the program
  • Time spent in the treatment

If the criminal is a serious offender who has been given rehab in exchange for jail time and heavy fines; they may be more susceptible to severe consequences. In case of violation, they may be faced with immediate incarceration, increased jail time, and bigger fines.

How Effective Are Court-Mandated Rehab?

According to NIDA reports, “the outcomes of most cases where a person is legally pressured to get treatment are better than the outcomes of cases where the treatment is given without any legal pressure.”

The rates of completion and success rates are also excellent. The report further claims that the people who see their treatment through to the end happen to enjoy better recovery and outcomes. They enjoy reduced/stopped drug abuse, better occupational functioning, and a reduced crime rate.

Bottom Line

If you are contemplating coercing your loved one into forced addiction treatment; especially if you’re not finding any other way – it’s good to look into this option. However, tread carefully and be ready for the unexpected.

Author information: Holly is a freelance writer who loves to help people who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Holly knows first-hand what it’s like to deal with substance addiction, and has now been sober for 5 years. Holly is a frequent contributor to many addiction-related blogs and organizations such as the Addiction Treatment Division and Recovery Inn.

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