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Paperwork to Keep Track of for Your Personal Injury Claim

Being injured either at work or in public can be devastating. Not only may you miss work and thus the opportunity to earn income, but the financial cost of receiving healthcare can also cause other problems for you. This is why you’re often advised to take legal action against a certain party. However, even if the accident is clearly someone else’s fault, you will still need the appropriate documents behind your words. Thus, the following includes paperwork that you need to keep track of your personal injury claim to increase the chances of seeing a positive outcome with your case.

Official Documentation

If you ever speak with a personal injury lawyer, one of the first things they will request you obtain are all the official documents. Why is this important? When presented in court or to a mediator, every claim made by a law enforcement officer or agency must be backed with an official document. For example, if you received an injury because of a car crash, an official accident report must be obtained from the police department that was at the scene. Likewise, those who were injured at work will need an official report created by OSHA after their investigation has concluded.

Photo Documentation

If you received your injuries due to a car crash, having photos of the scene can mean the difference between winning or losing your case. This is the same thing for workplace accidents. Faulty machines or unorganized workplaces are often fixed right after an accident. By introducing photos into your claim, you are placing additional evidence behind your words and thus can demonstrate clear negligence if it’s a workplace accident. It must be noted that photos of your injuries must also be taken. If bruising, blood, or torn clothes after the accident is visible, take a picture of that as well.


The key to seeing a positive outcome to your claim is to have as much evidence as possible. Although photos and documents are great, you should never stop there. Therefore, it is highly recommended to document as many statements as possible from those who were there. Witness statements allow the court to understand that there may have been a pattern of negligence before your accident and that the accused did not take the proper steps to fix the issues. You may also want to collect statements about your recovery experience to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you have suffered a devastating personal injury, speaking with an experienced attorney is highly recommended. Along with their expertise and the information listed above, your personal injury claim may be able to start on the right foot and potentially lead to a positive outcome.

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