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Marketing Tips to Bring in Law Firm Clients

Running a law firm requires good planning along with excellent lawyers to succeed. You need to find the right people for the firm while also preparing to help clients and take on cases. If you need to find more clients for your law firm, you should use these marketing tips to help you get clients to build up your business.

Build a Website

You can start your marketing attempts by building a website for your law firm. When people want to find law firms, many of them will go online and look into their local options, so you need to establish a website. As you do this, you can point more people toward your law firm while also providing information about the services you can offer.

You should mention the lawyers that work for your firm along with contact information, so people can call your firm as needed. On top of that, you can redirect people to your website as you post information online. Make sure you create a website to build your online presence.

Focus on Local Leads

If you plan on figuring out how to grow a law firm, you should look for your local leads to gain clients. Local leads refer to people living close to your law firm who showed interest in your business. They may need some legal help or advice, so you could talk with them and find out if they want your law firm to help out.

As you get local leads to hire you, you can establish your law firm and encourage others to hire your business. On top of that, many areas only allow local lawyers to represent them, so they’ll want a law firm like yours to help them in court.

Encourage Reviews

Your law firm can also encourage clients to leave reviews, so you can gain more clients. When people post reviews about your law firm, others will read about their experiences and see how your lawyers can help them. This means you should talk with your clients after you help them to see if they can write reviews about your law firm.

Don’t worry too much if you get a few bad reviews since no business can maintain perfect reviews as they grow. You will get occasional bad reviews, but people will still contact your law firm if you have mostly good ones, so do your best to get reviews from your clients.

Work on Your Networking

You should also put some emphasis on your networking if you want to improve your marketing. Networking involves interacting with others and meeting people, so you can gain clients later on. For example, you can ask your current clients for leads, find out if they know people who need a law firm and reach out to them.

By networking with others, you can bring up their names as you talk with people. For example, if you work with one client and they refer you to a lead, you can mention your client to the new person. This makes it easier for you to introduce your law firm while gaining the lead’s trust.

Post Ads Online

You need to expand your law firm online, so you should post ads for it. These ads should redirect viewers to your main webpage, contact page, or other pages you think will help your business. You can also add links to these pages in blog posts, so you can draw more people to your law firm through your online marketing.

If you plan to post ads online, you should identify key websites you can use. You should also identify your main demographic, so you can have the websites target those people with your ads. As you take this approach, you can make more people aware of your law firm and gain clients.


Marketing for your law firm can help you find more clients, so you can make money and establish your firm. As you look for clients, you should utilize the tips listed above. They will help you direct your local leads to your firm, so you can get more clients, expand your brand awareness, and steer your law firm toward more success.

Author information: Maggie Bloom graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in communication and writing. In her spare time, she loves to dance, read, and bake. She also enjoys traveling and scouting out new brunch locations.


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