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5 Do’s & Don’ts For Your Criminal Case

Being involved in a criminal case as a suspect is difficult because you are under constant critical observation by the authorities. The investigators ask open-ended questions to make the suspect talk about a certain situation. They also use various methods to build pressure on the suspect and indirectly get the truth out. Most people who have never been charged with a criminal offense have limited knowledge about the process. This is why, if you are facing any issues related to criminal cases, it is best to consult an expert such as a criminal attorney in Knoxville to help you out with such matters.

There are also various behavioral guidelines the suspect can follow and avoid. Here is a list of 5 dos and don’ts for the criminal case;

The Dos:

Respect Courtroom and Judges

It is always in the suspect’s best interest to be respectful as the display of any negative behavior can influence the final decision. Also, though there are very precise rules regarding courtroom dressing, the participants are expected to follow them.

Hire an Attorney

For obvious reasons, the suspects should avoid defending themselves. It is preferred for the suspects to avoid any interaction unless they get legal representations.

Ask Questions from Attorney

If the suspect is new to the experience of courtroom and hearing, you are encouraged to ask questions. The attorney should be able to guide as well as teach the courtroom rules.

Legal Documentation and Proof

If there is any legal documentation or proof, such as videos, letters, etc., the suspect should hand them over to the attorney. This will help build a strong case to defend the suspect in court.

Be Open and Honest

Being transparent or open with the attorney is extremely significant. Creating trust and allowing the attorney to have detailed knowledge on every account will help create a better case for the suspect.


Engaging With Law Enforcement Without a Lawyer

If law enforcement has arrested the suspect, then despite their authority, the suspect or criminals have the right to remain silent. You are encouraged to refuse to speak to any legal authorities without the presence of an attorney.

Discussing the Case with Family

Unless the case has been settled, it is better not to share the details with the family. Even though the family has the best interest at heart, it can lead to issues if they further discuss it with someone else.

Talk over the Phone

As mentioned before, the suspects are under constant surveillance; hence, it is best to avoid discussing anything related to the matter on the phone as they are being monitored.

Make it Public

Keep the case details as private as possible as the posts on social media can also be used against the suspect. Additionally, as most social media websites are considered public, they can be monitored and tracked.

Approach Witnesses

Contacting any witnesses may appear to be a violation of court and trial services. This can lead to difficulties in the case and will most likely make it more complicated.

It is important to consider that while it may seem difficult to comply with the court order and laws, the individuals are encouraged to use their rights in their defense. Hence, it is best to get a skilled attorney who will also guide you along the way.

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