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Can Putting a Dash Cam on Your Motorcycle Really Protect You in an Accident Case?

Recently, dash cams have been showing what motorcyclists have known for years. Many drivers are often unaware of other vehicles in their path, and it sometimes seems as though people are almost trying to get into an accident. As a motorcyclist, there are lots of things that you can do to stay safe while driving. Adding a dash cam to your motorcycle can offer you these benefits when you’re dealing with an accident case.

Identify the People Involved In the Accident

Sadly, some people will refuse to take responsibility for their role in an accident to the point that they may try to flee the scene. On top of being illegal and putting people’s lives in jeopardy, leaving the scene of an accident makes it harder for the other parties to manage their case. Dashcams can capture license plates, vehicle images, and other vital information that can make it easier to track down people who chose to flee the scene.

Provide Evidence of the Other Person’s Negligence

Vehicle collisions can quickly turn into people pointing their fingers at each other. Distracted drivers are one of a motorcyclist’s biggest hazards on the road, and your dashcam could point to signs such as swerving and making erratic lane changes that help to support your claim that the other person was at fault.

Capture Other Important Factors on Video

Many accidents involve multiple things going wrong at once. For instance, one car pulling out in front of another could cause the person in front of you to stop abruptly. Or, the road might have hazards that contributed to the accident. Your dash cam can show a wide range of critical information that can be used for your case.

Document Events That Occurred After the Accident

Providing documentation of what led to the accident happening is only part of what a dash cam can do for your situation. The camera can also record events that occur immediately following the accident. From capturing a person fleeing the scene to showing a portion of the effects of your injuries, looking at the footage that continues to roll after a minor collision can also help you to provide information for your case.

Gives Your Lawyer More Information

In some cases, you might simply not know everything that went into causing your accident. There might have been something you didn’t see, or you might have sustained some brain injuries that caused memory loss. In any case, your motorcycle lawyer needs to have as much information as possible. Having the footage of the accident helps ensure that your lawyer doesn’t go into the legal proceedings unprepared or with any questions.

Of course, the best way to handle a motorcycle accident is to avoid having one in the first place. However, you’ll be glad you have a dash can if an unavoidable accident occurs. Being able to show evidence of what caused the accident and the aftermath that followed can make a difference in how well your lawyer is able to support your case.

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