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Did You Experience Medical Malpractice? Top Signs to Watch For

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that affects many of us. It can be frightening to know that the person who was supposed to keep you healthy could end up hurting you instead. So, what are some signs that someone might have experienced medical malpractice? We’ll take a closer look at the top five below.

Not Listening

The first sign is when a doctor does not listen to you. If you feel like your concerns are not being taken seriously, or that the doctor is dismissing your symptoms, it could be a sign of malpractice. Similarly, if the doctor does not order appropriate tests or dismisses test results, this could also be a warning sign.

Not Involved in Patient’s Treatment

The second sign is when the doctor does not seem to be involved in your treatment. If you notice that a different specialist or nurse practitioner handles most of your care, it could mean that there are communication issues between the medical team members and this might lead to malpractice down the line.

Questions Not Answered

Another warning sign is if the doctor does not answer your questions about treatment. If you have questions about anything from medications to the potential side effects, it’s crucial that your doctor be able to give you answers.

Incorrect Diagnosis or Treatment

If a person experiences malpractice with regard to treatment and diagnosis, this is often how malpractice cases get started. If someone has been given incorrect information regarding their condition or the proper treatment, this can be very harmful and might require a lawsuit to get the necessary compensation. If this has happened to you, be sure to contact a medical malpractice lawyer right away as it is imperative to have someone with the knowledge and understanding standing with you during this difficult time.

Unsafe Practices

The last sign is when you feel unsafe in the care of your doctor or medical team. This could be due to unsafe practices such as using unsterilized equipment or leaving surgical instruments inside patients after surgery. If this happens, you might want to contact an attorney, because it could be a sign of malpractice.

As you can see, there are usually several warning signs when someone has experienced medical malpractice. If any of these apply to your situation or if you have other concerns, make sure that the doctor’s office is investigated by outside sources and never accept their word for it. Working with a law professional will be your best bet to get compensated fairly for what happened to you or a loved one.

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