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The Most Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases and When They Are Necessary

No one ever wants to go to court, but it is sometimes unavoidable. However, if you ever need legal action, it is essential to know which type of civil litigation case is the best fit for your situation. This article will discuss the most common types of civil litigation cases and when they are necessary.

What Are Civil Litigation Cases?

A civil litigation case is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek monetary compensation for damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. In civil cases, one party sues another for harms that they have allegedly suffered due to the other party’s actions.

Breach of Contract

This type of case arises when one party breaches a contract with another party. For example, you signed a contract to purchase a car from a dealership, but the dealer fails to deliver the car. You can file a breach of contract lawsuit against the dealer.

Tortious Interference

This type of case occurs when one person intentionally interferes with another person’s contractual rights. For example, suppose you have a contract with a company to provide services, and another company tries to prevent you from performing those services. In that case, you could file a tortious interference lawsuit against the other company.


This type of case arises when one person makes false statements about another person that harms their reputation. For example, if you say something wrong about someone to a group of people, they could file a defamation lawsuit against you.


This type of case arises when one person is injured due to another person’s actions. For example, if you are in a car accident caused by another driver, you could file an injury lawsuit against them.

Property Damage

This type of case arises when one person damages or destroys another person’s property. For example, if someone throws a rock through your window, they could be liable for the property damage.

When Are Civil Litigation Cases Necessary?

Civil litigation cases are necessary when one party has suffered damages due to another party’s actions, and they cannot resolve the dispute through negotiation or arbitration.

It is important to note that not all disputes require legal action. However, if civil litigation is your only way, it is essential to consult with an airplane repo attorney to help you navigate the legal process. It is no doubt that an attorney will help you determine which type of case is the best fit for your situation and help you prepare a strong case.

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