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Who Should You Contact First When You Are Arrested?

Getting arrested is something that most people don’t even want to think about. However, it can happen to the best of us, even for simple issues like unpaid tickets. Part of successfully navigating this situation is to know who to call should the unthinkable happen and you do get arrested. Here is a list of four people you should call in case you face arrest and in what order you should call them.

Call Your Attorney

According to, it’s important that you contact your legal counsel before you contact anyone else. Even if you don’t think you can afford legal counsel, you have the right to a lawyer under the 5th Amendment. So, if you can’t afford to pay for a lawyer, the state should assign one to you for free. Make sure to get in contact with whatever lawyer is working with you as soon as possible. This call will help you determine the best course of action going forward.

Financial Assistance

Chances are that if you get arrested, you’ll need to pay bail in order to be released. Many people turn to bail bonds as a solution. Others ask family members or close friends to help them out. Of course, you can also dip into your own savings if you have the money to do so, though some bail amounts are more than most people keep around in cash. Bail bonds are often the most convenient way to take care of this upfront.

Family Members and Friends

Your family, particularly a spouse or your children, are likely in a position to gather any legal documents and other materials that you might need to defend your case. These people will also be a source of support for you, which you may need during this challenging situation.

Business Associates

If you are employed, it’s possible that your arrest will interfere with your work schedule. Be sure to contact your supervisor or business partners to keep them informed on the situation and let them know you won’t be at work. A no-show can be a fireable offense, so it’s important to avoid this if possible. If nothing else, your colleagues deserve to know what accommodations may need to be made in order to get your portion of the work done.

Final Thoughts

Getting arrested certainly counts among the worst experiences that you may ever have. It can devastate you financially, personally, and professionally. In light of this, it’s important to know who to call first should you ever be arrested. First calls should include your attorney and employer, while later calls can secure financial and emotional support for you.

It’s additionally important to remember that your arrest may not only affect you. If that’s the case, make sure that you reach out to all people who could be affected by your arrest, no matter how uncomfortable the call may be.

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