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Charting a Career as a Disabled Young Adult

Don’t let a disability put you off the career of your choice. People with disabilities excel in business, industry, and science. The determination used to overcome your disability can help you go further. And while you must meet job requirements when applying for work, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 protects against job discrimination for disabled people. Here’s how to make your dreams of succeeding in a business career a reality.

Disability in the United States

Disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment that significantly limits any life activity. Disability is common, and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in four Americans has a disability and 60% of disabled adults are younger than 65.

Importance of Higher Education

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures show that 30% of disabled people between the ages of 16 and 65 were employed in 2020, and this percentage doubles for those with degrees. These statistics highlight the importance of a degree if you’re disabled. Note that colleges may not discriminate against you provided you meet admission requirements. Additionally, schools must make appropriate academic adjustments to accommodate your learning needs, although you need to provide medical proof of your disability. Online tuition can make this transition easier.

Qualifying for Employment

Once you’re qualified, it’s important to gain relevant work experience before applying for your dream job. A good way to get experience is through an internship. Internships look good on your resume but, more importantly, provide you with relevant work experience and an opportunity to network with others in that field. If you do well, an internship may lead to a job offer. You can find out about internships from career fairs, through networking, and from online listings. It’s crucial to apply early.

Choosing a Lucrative Degree Course

Choose a degree that suits your interests and capabilities. Take into account any special needs related to learning, accessing the campus, and accommodation. Schools select students based on their academic record, so you must work hard at school and achieve good grades. Primary and secondary schools must provide free appropriate public education (FAPE) aligned to your needs to help you keep up with your classmates.

Look for a degree that has high earning potential and one where the job requirements are manageable. Identify in-demand degrees that align with your interests. Examples of lucrative degrees include:

  • Accounting: Accounting and auditing careers
  • Information systems: IT-related careers in programming, database management, and network architecture
  • Marketing: Sales and marketing, advertising, and public relations positions
  • Business administration: Business management, management consulting, and administrative jobs
  • Data analytics: Advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data scientists

Going Further with a Master’s Degree

While a bachelor’s degree is essential, you likely need a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree to climb the ladder of success in the field of business. With increased competition for jobs, many employers demand them, even for entry-level positions. In other instances, the specialized knowledge and business skills gained from getting your MBA — such as strategic planning, accounting principles, and human and financial capital management — means you are more marketable and can earn a higher salary.


There are certain business matters to consider before launching into your new working life. Once you’re ready to get started with your venture, for example, and you know you’ll be operating your business from home, you may need to move to a new home to accommodate your home office. Look at home prices in your desired neighborhood and pay close attention to US housing market trends to get an idea of what you can afford. You’ll also want to start shopping around for what you’ll need to equip your office, including a computer set-up, industry-appropriate software, and other must-haves like a desk and comfortable chair.

Also, make sure that you’ve completed all the necessary paperwork related to your business. For example, if you’ve decided to register your new endeavor as an LLC, research state guidelines so you won’t make any mistakes during the filing process. Many business owners work with an attorney or an online service that specializes in formation to assist with this.

Launching Your Career

Thanks to the protection offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, you can compete on equal terms with other candidates. Choosing a highly paid degree in a field that excites you together with a master’s degree places you on the road to success. Your determination to succeed along with an internship and your skills and abilities will help launch your career.

Author information: Elijah Dawson created Look For Jobs Here while he was furloughed from his retail management job at the beginning of the pandemic. With many still looking for work, he hopes his site will assist and motivate them as they look for their next big opportunity.

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