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How a Litigation Attorney Can Help You with Business Transactions

The practice of business litigation helps clients in business disputes. Each business client’s needs differ, so a corporate litigation attorney reacts to assist them in a variety of situations.

Business litigation matters include an array of potential disputes, including breach of contract, unfair competition, securities fraud, shareholder disputes, insurance bad faith, franchise disputes, and misappropriation of trade secrets, among others.

Real Estate Business Disputes

Real estate disputes are common in today’s business environment. An experienced corporate litigation attorney offers value in commercial and residential lease disputes, financing disputes, construction disputes (including contract, delay disputes, and change orders), professional negligence, purchase options, and more.

Business Litigation

Business litigation involves defending and resolving disputes between businesses and other parties. In some cases, it’s used to defend a company accused of some form of misconduct. Typically, the client is a defendant in this scenario.

The business litigator lawyer manages major and minor concerns regarding local, state, and federal law. Business litigation is involved in the guidance or representation of companies when conflicts arise.

Engaging experienced business litigation professionals ais likely when:

  • Management of a dispute in contract negotiations (or interpretations) arise
  • Management of a strategic business alliance or interconnecting business activities are required
  • Specialist business litigation is needed
  • Considerations arising from the company’s shareholders

Sometimes, business disputes are quickly resolved and never see the courtroom. Negotiating or resolving the matter before trial manages costs as well as stress.

If the matter goes to trial, the business litigation attorney is prepared to calmly consider many challenging and complex issues. Occasionally, the parties may use alternative resolution strategies.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When parties engaged in a dispute can’t reach a solution, it may behoove them to consider alternative dispute resolution practices. A contract dispute may also require that you first engage in arbitration or mediation:


Mediation requires that all matters involved in the dispute work with a neutral third party called a mediator. This individual listens to all sides and reviews the thoughts and arguments. Then, the mediator attempts to facilitate an agreeable resolution. If the parties agree, they will execute a settlement agreement:

  • Legal representation is still an important part of the mediation process.
  • The business attorney is there to guide and advise about matters concerning your legal rights, e.g., ensuring that the agreement is in your best interests and that any agreement is properly enforceable and binding between the parties.


When a contract has arbitration provisions, the parties must rely on the process to smooth their disagreements. In arbitration, disputing sides appear before the arbitrator or an arbitration panel. After the parties present their arguments, the arbitrator decides the resolution. The decision is final and binding:

  • Although the arbitration resembles court, it’s typically faster than litigating the case in court.
  • Don’t go it alone. An experienced business lawyer should represent your interests in arbitration.

Business Litigation Lawyers

Business litigation requires strategy and legal skills. Dedicated business litigation professionals tenaciously pursue clients’ matters. If you face any kind of commercial litigation or business case, consider hiring a business litigation lawyer.

Business litigation often involves high stakes. It’s essential for the corporate litigation attorney to understand how to resolve small and large business litigation matters. These are often mission-critical cases that impact the business’s bottom line.

Regardless of the business sector, many successful companies need assistance when dealing with business-to-business disputes, governmental or internal investigations, or patent litigation matters.

Litigation and Business Risk

Any matter involving litigation carries risk. Sometimes, the client’s future relies on the outcome of a case.

Legal experience can make a difference in realizing the best possible outcomes.

Litigation can seem like a complex maze. Experienced business litigators have insight into both complex business and legal challenges. Call now to discuss your case.

Author information: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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