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The Ultimate Guide To Road Safety In The U.S.

The Trevino law firm has an excellent guide to road safety. Follow the link a the bottom to read the entire article. Here are the opening paragraphs and the summary:

If you are an American and have lived in America all your life, then what we are about to say might come as a shock to you. The U.S has some of the most dangerous roads in the world. This isn’t because of tight lanes in hazardous places like you might find in India, nor is it because of terrible weather making roads slippy, like you might find in Canada. Instead, the main reason for America’s bad roads is because of the drivers and the driving culture.

We will explain why the American culture around driving has made the roads so dangerous and what other factors give the U.S such high crash statistics.


Using this information provided, you know to avoid driving in rainy weather or dark conditions because even if you feel confident on the road, there might be other drivers less sensible than you at the wheel. You also know that giving into aggression can cause you to tailgate or speed, both of which are leading reasons for fatal crashes.  If you find yourself getting angry and leaning into road rage, find the nearest gas station and take a breather. It doesn’t matter if you end up being late, as you would have avoided a terrible car accident.


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