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People to Involve After a Car Accident

There is a chance that many of us will experience a car accident at some point in our lives. If we’re lucky, we come out of it with nothing more than a bill from the body shop and a bad memory. In other cases, though, someone in our family ends up injured. Trying to get back on your feet after an accident can be hard, but there are people for you to turn to in the wake of the collision. These people can help you in various aspects of your life in order to get things back on track, whether that be medically, financially, or legally. If you’re involved in an accident there are several people who should be involved in your post-accident experience.

Medical Specialists

The most important thing to do on the medical side is to be seen in an emergency room immediately after the accident. If you wait a day or even a few hours, the responsible party can claim that you suffered the injuries somewhere else, jeopardizing your claim. Seek treatment at the ER and follow up as ordered so that everything is properly documented.

Legal Assistance

Many people have a trusted family lawyer or possibly know a lawyer who can handle their real estate transactions, wills, and business dealings. It can be tempting to let this same lawyer also handle your car accident case, but this is a very specialized area of law. An experienced car accident lawyer will know a lot more about the process than even the best family lawyer. Thus, it’s in your best interest to instead find capable legal representation right away.

Your Employer

At the earliest opportunity, it is also beneficial to talk to your supervisor at work. Explain the extent of your injuries, once you know them, and determine how long you will have to be off work. Lost wages will be a big part of any settlement you may receive, so it’s important to have someone who can verify that you are unable to perform your normal job duties as a result of your injuries and an idea of how much money you’re set to lose.

There’s also the possibility that the sooner you bring your employer into the loop, the easier it will be to work with them during your recovery process and return to work.

Quality Automotive Technicians

While your health and your earnings are always more important, you also need your car. The damages resulting from a car accident can be incredibly expensive in this day of high-tech transportation. Have a qualified automotive body technician look at your car as soon as possible and provide you with a detailed listing of all repairs. Insist on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts–no generics. You have a right to see your vehicle fully restored to its pre-accident condition!

Don’t wait until you or a family member are hurt. The preparations you should make for a car accident should take place well before you are involved in a crash. Now is the time to know who you need on your team if you ever experience a serious accident.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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