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What Injuries Should You Contact A Lawyer About?

When you get injured, your first priority is always get medical treatment. While this is certainly important, it is also crucial you consider contacting an attorney to discuss the events that resulted in your being injured. After you sustain serious injuries, you are often facing high medical costs. You will enter a period of time where you will be unable to work and thus lose income. Not to mention the diminished quality of life. If you sustain the following injuries, never hesitate to contact a lawyer.

Auto Accident

Many times, when auto accidents occur, it is because one driver was careless and negligent. It could be disobeying the speed limit, driving distracted, or being impaired from alcohol or drugs. Whatever the case, you may now find yourself with broken bones, neck and back problems from whiplash, and perhaps worse.

Workplace Accident

In this accident, you may have been asked to do something by your boss that they knew was unsafe. This could look like operating faulty equipment or working in an area that was exposed to hazardous materials. Now you may be facing injuries such as severe burns, a herniated disc, or fractured arms or legs. Since employers are usually reluctant to admit fault in these situations, you need to speak with a workers compensation lawyer as quickly as possible. That way they can analyze your case, begin to gather evidence, and negotiate a settlement with your employer’s insurance company.

Slip and Fall Accident

You may slip in a store due to a spill that was not cleaned up or in a parking lot where snow and ice were not cleared away. A slip and fall accident now has you undergoing physical therapy to heal broken bones. And perhaps even occupational therapy to help you relearn how to perform certain tasks. Just as with a workplace, many retailers are hesitant to accept blame in these situations. If you want substantial compensation for your injuries, you will need to rely on an attorney.

Dog Bites

Even if it is a friend’s dog that bites you, it will be vital you gain compensation for your injuries. Dog bites usually result in severe damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a victim’s hands or arms. Surgery and a long recovery period are often necessary, meaning you will lose a large amount of income and have high medical bills while you recover.

By contacting a lawyer when you suffer these injuries, you can hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their carelessness. This will also ensure you are awarded the maximum financial compensation needed to pay medical bills and replace lost wages.

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