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Distracted Driving Among Young Drivers

The commercial website has good information on distracted driving among young drivers. Check it out. Here are the opening paragraphs:

Learning to drive is an exciting time in the life of any young person. The freedom and independence which comes from getting behind the wheel is hard to match. New possibilities are suddenly available to you, with reliance on public transport and the help of mum and dad a thing of the past.

Just as with any new responsibilities though, there are also other factors that should be taken into account. Arguably the most important of all is the need to remain safe on the road. One of the biggest challenges comes in the form of distractions.

In this guide, we’ll look to highlight and provide guidance on how to identify and tackle driving distractions, as well as take a detailed look at the impact they can have on British roads.

Young driver statistics

There are currently 2.97 million young people aged 17-24 in the UK who possess a full license. And while that figure is the lowest on record (down from 3.32m in 2020), it still represents a healthy chunk of the British population.

You may be excited to hit the road, but it’s important to remain focused as well. According to Brake, as many as one in five new drivers will crash within a year of taking their test. What’s more, 1,500 young drivers are injured or killed on British roads every year. The World Health Organisation would go as far as to highlight that road accidents are the leading cause of death for young people aged between 5-29.

Research carried out by the Government would go on to highlight why the accident rates were higher amongst younger drivers compared to those with more experience.

Speeding is one of the primary reasons for a higher accident rate, with police records showing some of the most common causes of an accident for a young person to be:

Careless or reckless driving – 18.8% (of all incidents)

Traveling too fast for the conditions – 10.7%

Exceeding the speed limit – 8.4%

Ultimately, 57% of young drivers said they would travel at the highest speed possible while they drove, while just 37% of drivers above the age of 25 would do the same.

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