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Reasons You Might Need a Lawyer After Getting Injured on the Job

No matter what industry you work in, you could sustain an injury on the job that will require you to seek medical care and possibly miss work. If you don’t want there to be any doubt about your work-related injury having been received on the job, and want to sidestep any insurance scenarios where they don’t pay you what you’re deserved, an attorney who helps clients with their workplace injury cases can offer assistance in the following ways.

To Prove Your Injury

In order to get compensated for your injury, you’ll need to show proof of your injury and how it may be affecting your ability to work. Your attorney can help you gather the medical records that are needed to prove your claim to your employer or their insurance company. If any proof that you submit is questioned, your attorney can try to resolve the issue by providing further evidence that proves the validity of your claim.

To Prove Unsafe Work Conditions

Your injury may have occurred because of an unsafe work environment or a hazardous job task that your employer didn’t prepare you for properly. An attorney can advise you on how to document your unsafe work conditions to prove that your employer was negligent and didn’t take the right precautions to try to prevent your injury.

To Resolve Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to be paid through an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan to cover employee injuries, but getting the payment isn’t always guaranteed. If you’re having trouble getting the money to cover your medical expenses and other costs that you have to pay because of your injury, a workers compensation lawyer can help you resolve any disputes you might be having with your employer and will do everything possible to ensure that your claim is accepted and paid out in a timely manner.

To Reach a Settlement Agreement

Your employer or their insurance provider may agree to a settlement that pays you money without having to go to court. The attorney you hire can review any settlement offers that are made to see if you’d be getting a fair payment if you agree to the terms. If the offer is too low, your lawyer will argue for a higher payment amount so that you can get the money that’s needed to cover your expenses until you can return to work or throughout the remainder of your life if you must go on long-term disability.

To Represent You in Court

If your employer doesn’t believe that you were seriously injured, rejects your workers’ compensation claim, or refuses to try to reach a settlement, you may have to sue in court to get compensation. Your lawyer can accompany you to any court hearings and present the details of your case before a judge. The attorney can also ask your employer or their legal representative questions in court to try to substantiate your claim even more.

Getting hurt on the job can already cause enough hardships, and you’ll be able to deal with the legal process better if you hire an attorney who can help. The attorney will do everything possible to offer you the guidance that helps you avoid major financial losses because of your injury.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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