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Understanding and Preventing Road Rage: An Essential Guide for Drivers

The commercial website has good information about road rage. Check it out. Here are the opening paragraphs:

How can you prevent road rage? If you’re involved in an accident caused by road rage, are you covered by your car insurance policy? What if you’re the aggressive driver at fault?

Our guide answers all those questions and more, whether you feel frustrated on the roads, or you’re worried about the behavior of other drivers.

What are the signs of road rage?

Road rage is common: 62% of drivers experience road rage, while 30% have experienced a face-to-face confrontation with another driver.

Some common signs of road rage to look out for include:

    • speeding
    • sudden braking
    • tailgating, or not giving other drivers enough space
    • impatient driving
    • shouting and gesturing
    • beeping horn or flashing headlights

If you find yourself on the roads with someone nearby displaying this kind of behavior, try to remain calm and continue driving as you normally would. It may make you feel a little worried, so feel free to pull over where safe or change your route to avoid them. Or if you realize that you’re starting to lose your cool and drive recklessly, find a safe place to stop and calm down.

By recognizing the signs of road rage, you can learn to identify them in other drivers – or even yourself – and help stop the situation from escalating.

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