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5 Ways Law Firms Can Benefit From eDiscovery Services

Different types of lawyers, both in external organizations and internal company departments, can be tasked with representing a large business that requires litigation services. Considering a lot of data is usually stored electronically, there is a need for law firms to understand how they can benefit from eDiscovery services.

What is the Role of eDiscovery in Litigation?

When a lawyer fails to complete the eDiscovery process, there is the likelihood that they may lack all the documents they require to support and back up a case in court. Imagine a scenario wherein the lawyer avails themselves in court without evidence, data, or supporting documents — it would amount to massive delays and a lot of money and time wasted.

When a lawyer prepares in advance using eDiscovery software for law firms, they will have access to the data they need to win a case in court. A lawyer will confidently present the data they have found and also offer valuable analysis and insights. Even missing data or a mistake can make an attorney appear as if they hadn’t prepared themselves sufficiently, which means the case will be weakened. Lawyers should keep in mind that the evidence they gathered using eDiscovery software has a high likelihood of persuading the outcome of a case.

Let’s now look into how a law firm can benefit from eDiscovery services:

1.   Plan Legal Strategies

When a lawyer uses e-discovery analytics, they can easily make the right decisions while devising suitable legal strategies depending on the facts they have gathered. There is no room for assumptions when dealing with facts. Early insights also ensure you have a strong case, and the negotiations will be firmer. The lawyer will also be armed with the knowledge they need to win the case.

2.   E-Data Can Be Used as Evidence in Court

Text messages, browser history, and e-mails can be used as evidence in court. There is a need to keep track of legal documents when it comes to litigation document management. Keeping the necessary records will make it easier to present the evidence in court.

3.   Easily Searchable

Does your law firm have a huge pile of documents? Then there is the need to be careful when reading every line. When there is an error, you’ll miss important data, and the entire court case perspective will change. Using eDiscovery, data recovery and searching is easy. It’s not necessary to read through each line of every page. Instead, you’ll search for specific keywords. For example, type in a phrase or word, and the software will find it in the document. Then you’ll check the context and verify that it’s the information you were looking for.

4.   You Can Get the Files Back in Different Formats

Another advantage of eDiscovery is that your law firm can receive documents in different formats. For instance, if you receive documents in PDF format, they can be easily stored in the system, and that’s great for easy and quick eDiscovery collection within the firm. Another format that comes in handy is CDs (compact disks). The documents can also be scanned and stored in shareable CDs that can be shared within the law firm or the parties that are allowed to view the documents.

5.   Cost-Effectiveness

Currently, numerous law firms are looking for ways to tighten their budgets. Fortunately, eDiscovery tools are cost-effective compared to other methods of gathering evidence. Legal document scanning will cost some money; however, the cost of running the law firm will reduce significantly in the long run. As a result, the law firm can channel funds to more important tasks.

We have listed the different benefits of eDiscovery services above. The eDiscovery software makes proper data management possible since the data is safe and stored securely, meaning law firms can save a lot of time. The efficiency of an organization will also improve significantly. Law firms will also experience a higher winning rate when handling claims presented by different clients. When data is stored in an electronic format, it can be used conveniently since it is easy to navigate e-files compared to printed documents. Since law firms are currently endorsing the use of advanced technology, it is advisable to outsource data entry and scanning tasks to reputable service providers to save time for important tasks.

Author information: Maggie Bloom graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in communication and writing. In her spare time, she loves to dance, read, and bake. She also enjoys traveling and scouting out new brunch locations.         

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