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3 Signs You Should Hire An Attorney Before Talking To The Police

When you are approached by police and find yourself being inundated with questions or being threatened with various types of criminal charges, the worst thing you can do at that moment is panic and believe you are required to talk to the officers. Whether or not you have been given your Miranda rights, it is important to remember that police and prosecutors will try to use anything you say against you. Before making a critical mistake, here are three signs you need an attorney before speaking to the police.

You’ve Been Charged with a Crime

If the police have arrested you on any type of criminal charge, you should always hire an attorney before saying anything related to your case. Should you not have an attorney present with you during questioning, police can use just about any tactic to get you to confess. By having your attorney present before questioning, they can advise you on which questions to answer, how much information you should give police, and ensure your rights are protected each step of the way.

The Charges Can be Explained to You

Unfortunately, you should never believe everything police say to you once they charge you with a crime. In fact, it is common knowledge that police will often lie to suspects in order to gain a quick confession. If you are taken into police custody, you will have no idea how the charges against you may truly impact your life. By hiring an attorney like those from the Law Offices of Jonathan Steele, your attorney can explain the charges against you, speak to the prosecutor about reducing or dismissing the charges, and make sure you are allowed to make bail rather than be held in jail.

Attorney Can Speak On Your Behalf

If you are constantly being pressured by police to sit down and speak with them about your legal matter, it is important to remember that once you hire an attorney, they can speak to law enforcement and prosecutors on your behalf. This is crucial since your attorney will have a much better understanding of the charges against you, how cases such as yours are typically handled by prosecutors and judges, and whether police actually have a viable case that could result in prosecution.

Though you may feel scared, intimidated, and start to believe you have no other choice but to speak to the police immediately, let your common sense and good judgment prevail. By taking a deep breath and hiring an attorney as quickly as possible, you will have a much better chance of emerging victorious from your legal nightmare.

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