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Speed Cameras and Speed-Camera Detector Laws

Traffic enforcement speed cameras aren’t legal in all states. If you want to check whether your state allows them, here’s a good chart.

The commercial website has interesting information about traffic enforcement speed cameras.  Check out the article, but here are the opening paragraphs:

What is a speed camera detector?

A speed camera detector is a device that can be mounted on the dashboard of your car. It’s designed to help you stay within the legal speed limits by alerting you to fixed and mobile speed cameras while you’re driving. The most modern devices can also detect speed laser guns and traffic light cameras.

Some speed camera detectors are also available as smartphone apps.

Used correctly, speed camera detectors can help you monitor your speed, tell you to slow down when you’re going too quickly, and encourage generally safer driving habits. However, some people argue that they enable reckless drivers to get away with speeding, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be alerted before they get caught.

How do speed camera detectors work?

A speed camera detector can be used to help you drive safely by:

    • Alerting you to nearby speed cameras
    • Warning you about accident blackspots and congestion zones
    • Reminding you of the legal speed limit

Types of speed camera detector

    • GPS Detector – uses a database that contains the locations of fixed speed cameras, accident blackspots, and even schools. It will let you know if you’re approaching any of these using your GPS position and warn you of potential dangers.
    • Radar and laser detector – picks up on radar or laser transmissions from police speed-detection devices to warn you of their location.
    • Laser jammer – used to detect and block radar and laser signals from police speed cameras so they won’t be able to register a driver’s speed. Laser jammers are illegal in the UK and most other countries.

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