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You Just Got Rear-Ended — Here’s What You Do First

If you’ve just been rear-ended, the moments that follow could be overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself, your car, and your rights.

Check for Any Injuries

Safety should always come first in these situations, so check yourself and any passengers for injuries. If there are any, call 911 or seek medical attention right away.

Rear-end accidents can often result in serious injuries, ranging from minor whiplash and soft tissue damage to more severe spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries. If you experience any neck pain, tenderness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, blurred vision, or difficulty remembering after a rear-end collision, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Many of these symptoms can worsen over time and may even become permanent if not treated appropriately. Seeking medical attention promptly is the best way to ensure your safety and well-being after a rear-end accident.

Contact the Police

Even if no one appears to be injured, you should still contact the police so that they can document the accident in an official report.

Depending on where you are, this may be done by dialing 911 or contacting your nearest local law enforcement agency. Provide all relevant information such as the location of the accident, type of collision, damage caused, and any injuries that have occurred. Reports from emergency responders can become important legal documents if the accident is disputed in court.

Additionally, they can help provide valuable evidence that could be used to support your insurance claim. It’s important to keep a record of all contact with police officers and any other emergency responders involved in the incident.

Exchange Information

Get the other driver’s name, contact information, license plate number, and insurance information. You are also required to provide the same details to the other driver.

In the event that you cannot get information from the other driver, it is important to remain calm and take whatever action you can. Try to get as much information as you can, such as the make and model of the other vehicle, license plate number (if available), direction of travel, and any other important details that could help identify the driver.

Collect Evidence

Take pictures of both vehicles from different angles as well as any skid marks on the road or signs of damage to property that may have been caused by the accident. Additionally, if there are any witnesses, get their contact information and statements.

If the situation requires it, you may want to get in contact with an auto accident attorney. Be sure to provide all of the evidence you gathered and gave to the police, as well as to your insurance agency, to the attorney. An attorney can help you get the financial and medical dues deserved after an accident.

Report the Accident

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible and provide them with all of the collected evidence. They will handle the process from there and make sure you’re taken care of.

When reporting an accident to your insurance company, make sure to provide all the necessary information. Make sure to provide any collected evidence from the scene, such as photos or witness statements. Finally, inform your agent if there were any other drivers or passengers involved in the incident. Following these steps will help ensure that your insurance company is able to accurately assess the situation and provide you with the coverage you need.

Rear-end collisions can be a frightening experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your safety and well-being are taken care of and that all necessary information is collected and reported. Don’t hesitate to contact emergency services or your insurance company if needed. With the right approach, you can make sure that you are taken care of after an accident.

This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write about business, finance, and family issues. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. You can find Dixie on Facebook.

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