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The Unspoken Truths of a TBI Diagnosis

If you have suffered through a traumatic brain injury (TBI), then know that you are not alone. The fact is that approximately 2.5 million people are diagnosed with a TBI and over 100,000 of those result in death or permanent disability. It is a terribly sad situation, and the worst part is that most people and employers do not realize how badly a TBI can affect the injured party in countless medical, financial, and personal ways. That is why it is essential to become educated on brain injuries, especially if you work in a dangerous industry.

Today, we will discuss what you need to know about traumatic brain injuries, what you need to do if you are injured on the job, and how a lawyer can assist and fight for your rights.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Occur

It is a sad reality that traumatic brain injuries occur all too often. In many cases, these injuries occur at work, and it doesn’t take a catastrophic incident to cause a brain injury. In fact, falls are what lead to almost half of TBI-related injuries. Brain injuries can also occur due to equipment malfunctions and falling items that may strike your head. You don’t need to be hit hard or fall from a great height to get a TBI, so caution at work is essential.

That is why employers must be held responsible for ensuring the safety of their workforce. If you notice that the proper precautions are not taken, and people could easily get hurt, then you need to talk to management so they can resolve the situation. If you suffer a fall or hit your head while at work, then make sure to go directly to management and ensure that the incident is documented. When you do, include every possible detail, so if it does evolve into a lawsuit, you can say that you provided all of the facts.

While many TBI incidents occur at work, it is also very possible to get injured in your personal life as well. For instance, many TBI injuries occur as a result of a vehicle accident out on the road. Since a concussion is a form of mild TBI, many athletes are also affected. Many TBIs can also be the cause of firearm-related incidents and even abuse at home. If you know that you have been hurt, then contact the authorities or the hospital immediately. Then, consider speaking to an attorney.

The Care Necessary To Recover

When it comes to TBI injuries, early intervention is essential to mitigate the symptoms that could develop over time. However, one of the unspoken truths of TBI is that if you do hit your head, you could experience short-term memory loss or amnesia that can cause you to forget what happened. If that is the case, you may not even realize that you need immediate care. Once you do understand the extent of the issue, go for immediate care to try to prevent the injury from getting worse.

An even worse unspoken truth is that even if you know you were injured and you speak to a medical professional, you may still never truly recover. To understand the extent of your injury, you will need to undergo an extensive medical exam and imaging tests that evaluate your motor functions, coordination, eye movement, reflexes, and more. Even with the best doctors, the technology is still limited, and an MRI may still not detect the damage.

Doctors and medical experts have not yet given up hope. Currently, there is a lot of research about the effectiveness of stem cell therapy and how transplanting stem cells can heal parts of the brain and lead to improved motor functions. However, even though the tech sounds promising, there are still some dangers and risks associated with stem cell therapy. One of them is the fact that the FDA has only sanctioned a few stem cell treatments, and TBI recovery is not among them. Also, there are potential side effects, including infection and excessive bleeding.

The point is that if you experience a traumatic brain injury, you must get help immediately and try to get the resolution that you deserve.

Monetary Considerations and Legal Action

Immediate care is essential if you suffer a traumatic brain injury because the symptoms are much more extreme than just potential memory loss. Other long-term effects include continuous headaches, problems with speech, sensory problems, difficulty sleeping, unexpected mood changes, and possible depression. Many victims eventually commit suicide, and it is a terrible loss.

Many people also don’t realize the monetary impact of a TBI. Even with early detection, continuous treatment will be required, and it will often include anti-seizure drugs, diuretics to reduce fluid build-up, and possibly even surgery in the case of skull fractures or blood clots. As you may imagine, while necessary, these medications and procedures can be very expensive, even with insurance. To add to the issue, most people who suffer from a TBI will also need to take time off from work, which could make paying for these solutions very difficult, even if you get workers’ compensation.

To ensure the proper care and reimbursement that you need to move on and live a happy life, you may need to speak to a lawyer. A good attorney can provide advice on how to tackle the issue, and they can ensure that you get what you deserve. Many lawyers will advise that you don’t settle too quickly. That is because you may not yet know the extent of the injury, and you don’t want to get shortchanged, especially considering the fact that settlements are final.

It is essential that you take immediate action if you face a traumatic brain injury. Report to your manager, get the help that you need and contact a lawyer for the best chance of recovery and monetary restitution that you need to stay happy and healthy as time goes on.

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