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Home Insurance in High-Risk Flood Areas is a British website but it has good information for US consumers on many topics. This page is about home insurance in high-risk flood areas.

How can I protect my home if it’s in a high-risk flood area?

You won’t be surprised to learn that the winter months carry a bigger flood risk, so take action to minimize the potential effects before then. Doing so could also give you room to negotiate with your insurance provider, as some may ask if you’ve taken preventative action or if you’ve been flooded before.

As preventative measures, you might want to:

    • install flood doors and raise electrical sockets
    • keep a stash of bricks and pallets so that, in the event of a flood, you can raise furniture off the floor
    • keep removable barriers and temporary seals for windows, doors, and air vents
    • install one-way valves to toilets and pipes to prevent sewage from backing up into the house
    • move valuable personal belongings upstairs, or put them in waterproof bags if a flood is imminent. While an insurance policy can replace damaged items, some items, like family heirlooms and old photo albums, are irreplaceable
    • install water sensors that can detect rising water and pump and sump systems that drain water from below floor level quicker than it rises
    • landscape your garden in a style that helps divert water away from your property
    • Use more flood-resistant materials e.g. ceramic, stone, stainless steel, and uPVC, rather than wood

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