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Friday Fun

Here’s an interesting list of hundreds of misconceptions from Wikipedia. For example:

Waking up a sleepwalker does not harm them. Sleepwalkers may be confused or disoriented for a short time after awakening, but the health risks associated with sleepwalking are from injury or insomnia, not from being awakened.

Fortune cookies are associated with Chinese cuisine, but were actually invented in Japan, and are almost never eaten in China, where they are seen as American. Fortune cookies are not found in Chinese cuisine, despite their ubiquity in Chinese restaurants in the United States and other Western countries. They were invented in Japan and introduced to the US by the Japanese. In China, they are considered American, and are rare.
The “Minute Waltz” takes, on average, two minutes to play as originally written. Its name comes from the adjective minute, meaning “small”, and not the noun spelled the same.


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