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The Overlooked Dangers of Houston’s Freight Industry: When to Call a Truck Accident Lawyer

The recent statistical data shows that the alarming number of truck accidents yearly has increased. In this age of consumerism, there has been a substantial increase in the weightage of consumption. Consumption requires commodities to be transported from one place to the other. Most trucks are used for this purpose. Trucks are comparatively more massive in weight and size than cars. Therefore, it poses a higher danger for the driver.

In most cases, the drivers face a catastrophic injury. To safeguard the rights of the victims of truck accidents, the truck accident lawyers are at your assistance. Suppose you are from Houston and looking for a lawyer to maximize your insurance amount to compensate for your losses after a truck accident. In that case, a proficient truck accident lawyer in Houston is all you need. After you have met with any truck accident, you should always contact a truck accident lawyer to ensure proper compensation for your losses due to injury.

What are some of the regulations you can follow to avoid truck accidents?

There are specific basic regulations, also known as federal truck regulations, which you can follow to ensure safety from truck accidents. Some of them are:

  • Compulsory rest breaks
  • Limitations of Mileage
  • Extensive training for drivers
  • Maintenance of the vehicles regularly
  • The truck should not be overloaded with excess cargo
  • After each trip, check for your vehicle

These are some of the basic regulations that will prevent any significant accident. Mostly, these truck drivers do not follow these regulations.

Why should you opt for a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Right after you meet with a truck accident, make sure that you contact a truck accident lawyer immediately to gather all evidence and preserve it for later use. Pieces of evidence like skid marks and scuffs start disappearing from the scene right after the police barriers are removed. Thus, a truck accident lawyer should reach the accident spot before the police barriers are removed. A truck accident lawyer will collect and present all necessary information to the authorities. The authorities will not release your claim unless it is supported with sound evidence. A truck accident lawyer will help you win the maximum claim through lawsuit trials and outside court settlements.

What are the Common Reasons behind Truck Accidents?

There can be numerous reasons for this catastrophic event. From the negligence on the truck driver’s part to flaws in the system, there can be many aspects.

  • Defective automobile parts
  • Poor maintenance
  • Tired while being exhausted
  • Over-speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Overloading cargo

What can you do immediately after an Accident?

You can take several initiatives right after an accident to help the truck accident lawyer prove your claims. Some of them are:

  • Ensure safety: Right after the accident, move your vehicle to a safe space. Turn on the hazard lights and use flares and reflective makers.
  • Contact the police: Immediately after the accident takes place, contact the police to make sure that the police barriers protect the evidence.
  • Check for injuries: Prioritize yourself and check for the wounds. If there are fatal injuries, immediately ensure your safety and contact hospital emergency facilities.
  • Contact authorities: The authorities should be contacted right after the accident within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Exchange information: Immediately exchange information like name, license plate number, insurance information, and others with the truck drivers so you can present their details to the authorities.
  • Take pictures of the spot: Take pictures of the spot of the accident so that you can present evidence to the authorities.


After the immediate steps, consult with a truck accident lawyer in Houston to get proper guidance on what to do next. A truck accident lawyer will systematically guide you to claim your insurance so that you will win the maximum insurance amount. The truck accident lawyer does the entire process of evidence gathering. Houston has recently become a commercial hub of trucks, and the number of truck accident cases has risen significantly. Connect with a truck accident lawyer in Houston to protect yourself from being deceived and win the right amount of compensation you deserve.

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