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The United States Of Student Debt — An analytical report on the debt burden facing U.S. borrowers today—and the post-pandemic policy changes that will shake it up.

The website has good information on the state of student loans today. Here are the opening paragraphs. Check out the full article.

Navigating student debt can be like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded, so we’ve teamed up with career data journalist Emily Barone to decode the maze of U.S. student loans for you. We hope this helps you make more informed decisions about choosing schools, seeking financial aid, and paying it down under various scenarios.

Download the full report.

A post-secondary education is an investment for the future. It’s one of the top ways to bolster job opportunities, job earnings, and career advancement. These outcomes can lead to lifelong benefits of financial security, including access to higher-quality housing and health care.

Earnings data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that employed workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher earn 1.8 times more than workers with a high school education who did not attend college.

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