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Why Training Is the Best Defence Against Cybersecurity and Data Threats

Cybercrime is nothing new. It’s been threatening businesses and individuals for many years, with opportunistic hackers constantly seeking out new ways to steal our personal data. However, particularly with the relatively recent rise in remote working, it’s important for companies in all industries to provide regular training around cybersecurity.

Remote working is great for employees who thrive off the flexibility and freedom it offers. However, criminals also favor this approach, particularly when professionals set up their laptops in a public space like a library or a cafe. Regardless of whether your team predominantly works remotely or in the office, it’s important nonetheless to brief them on the potential dangers of cyber-attacks and the role they must play in preventing them.

This guide, produced by Thomas Murray, is an excellent resource to share with your team. It discusses the most common threats facing businesses today and outlines what needs to be included in a cybersecurity training scheme. Remember, in order for it to be effective, cybersecurity training needs to be an ongoing process. With the right measures in place and everyone pulling their weight by adopting the recommended security measures, you will have the best chance of keeping your company safe from a cyber crisis.

Stay one step ahead of criminals by starting your cybersecurity training today.

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