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How Can Employers Build Trust With Remote Employees?

The number of employees working remotely has risen significantly following the recent pandemic, with statistics showing that 38% of people now work from home in some capacity. This workplace revolution means that dynamics are changing, and many businesses are unsure how to manage their staff remotely. It’s important that your staff feel valued and trusted […]

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Job Hunting in the Age of Remote Work

The commercial website has interesting information on job hunting and working from home in these changed times. Here are the opening paragraphs: The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for remote work. By April 2020, the Office for National Statistics recorded that 44% of workers in Scotland were doing at least part of their job from […]

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Facing Legal Issues? How to Fight to Retain Your Medical License

Losing your medical license is going to impact almost every facet of your life and potentially cost you thousands in fines and fees. If you are facing any legal problems that could compromise your license, then you must come up with a comprehensive plan for protecting your career as well as your reputation. Save and […]

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Three Ways Companies Can Improve Their Onboarding Process for Disabled Employees

In the US, 61 million adults are living with a disability, and this number is only expected to grow in conjunction with the aging population. Yet despite a large number of disabled people in the workforce, many employers are unsure of how to accommodate their needs. The process of onboarding disabled employees doesn’t have to […]

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5 Ways to Help You Correct Wrongful Employment Practices

If you have been wrongfully terminated, demoted, or harassed at your job, you may be feeling a range of emotions, from confusion and frustration to anger and betrayal. You may not know where to turn for help or what your legal options are. In this guide, we will outline five ways that can help you […]

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How to Effectively Avoid Employee Lawsuits

Employee lawsuits for unjustified termination, harassment, workplace injury, and other concerns may be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient to your organization, as well as having a bad influence on your team’s performance. It would be best if you avoided employee lawsuits at all costs. By taking precautions, implementing standard recruiting and management rules, and properly training […]

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Changes to Texas Labor Law May Shift the Way Businesses Handle Sexual Harassment

Texas workers can more easily sue their managers for sexual harassment in the workplace after amendments to the state’s Labor Code took effect last week. The changes make even the smallest companies subject to sexual harassment suits, and they make managers personally liable for failing to stop sexual harassment after it’s reported. Read Article: Houston […]

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NDAs: An Obsession With Secrets

Before visitors set foot inside many tech company offices, they must sign a (digital) promise not to talk about what they overhear or see there. Nondisclosure agreements like these have become a fixture for many influential people and institutions that want to keep secrets, sometimes for understandable reasons and other times for horrifying ones. NDAs […]

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How to Know if You’ve Been Unlawfully Fired

Few things can take the air out of your sails like being summoned to your boss’s office and told to pack your things and get out. You may have known that your employer was looking to fire you for some time. Or the entire situation may have caught you by surprise. Either way, it is […]

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Planning for a Successful Return to Work

It is an unfortunate fact of life that you don’t always have complete control over the direction of your working life. Disruptions to your ability to go into work every day don’t just have the potential to send your career off course. There is a significant mental and emotional impact to being away from the […]

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