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A Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law

Greetings from the complex realm of immigration law, which is the body of laws regulating people’s travel across international boundaries. Immigration law is a dynamic topic that overlaps with different parts of society, including politics, economics, and human rights. It is rooted in intricate legislation, regulations, and international agreements. Get ready for an insightful tour […]

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Keep Your Family Together: How to Defend Against Deportation

Deportation is not something any family wants to experience, especially if it means being forcefully separated from loved ones. However, for undocumented immigrants, it remains a constant threat, and as such, it is essential to learn what to do in case that becomes your reality. This blog post will provide you with information on how […]

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Everyone Has Rights: How Civilians Can Handle Immigration Arrests

Even if an ICE agent detains and arrests someone, that person has certain rights during and after an arrest. It’s essential to know what steps to take to guarantee the best outcome during an immigration arrest. If stopped and arrested by ICE officers, keep the following in mind. Record the Arrest and Request a Lawyer […]

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International Adoption: Where to Go and How to Do It

Adoption is not a decision one makes lightly, and people come to this decision many ways. Some people choose adoption due to their struggles with infertility while some simply believe their family will be complete with an adopted member. However, you came to your decision, be aware that the adoption process is not easy. Research, […]

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Top Insights About Your Baby’s Rights After He or She is Born

Parents may not realize that newborn infants also have rights and protections afforded to them under the law. While these rights are not as clearly defined as those for older children and adults, they still afford even the youngest children protection from abuse and neglect. As part of caring for a new child, parents should […]

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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Citizenship

Resident aliens differ greatly from illegal aliens. These resident aliens are documented workers, but they do not have citizenship. According to Investopedia, in order to be classified as a resident alien, the individual must possess a current green card or held one in the last year. Resident aliens may apply for citizenship, which will give them […]

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Business Boss: 4 Hiring Tips For Navigating Worker Visas

Bringing in foreign workers offers the advantage of having a much wider talent pool from which to choose your candidates. Before you can hire someone hundreds of miles away from you, it’s important to first understand the immigration policies, particularly policies surrounding worker visas that are imposed in your country. Failure to do so can […]

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Immigration Laws: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Some of the most controversial of all of our laws, immigration laws are a tool of the government to secure the boundaries of the country as well as regulate movement through these boundaries. Many people know a lot of the basics of immigration law. However, there are many interesting parts of the law that are […]

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Six Instances When You Should Always Get Legal Help

While many people take pride in handling problems on their own, there are certain things you need help with. One of these is legal matters. No matter how much you think you know, a layperson doesn’t have the skill or knowledge to properly navigate through many complex legal matters. Below are six instances when you […]

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Understanding the Legal Ramifications of Marriage Fraud

Fraudulent marriages are entered into in attempts to circumvent existing United States immigration laws. For purposes of immigration, a legal marriage here in the United States or elsewhere with a valid marriage certificate doesn’t make the marriage valid. Upon getting married, the parties must intend to live together as a couple in an actual marital […]

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