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U.S. Supreme Court Considers How Much States Can Reclaim From Medical Malpractice Settlements

McClatchy reports Supreme Court justices seem “genuinely split over when and how states can take a share of medical malpractice payments awarded Medicaid beneficiaries.” The case involves a 13-year-old North Carolina girl who has been “profoundly disabled since an allegedly botched caesarian-section delivery,” resulting in “diagnosis of cerebral palsy.” The court’s answer, “expected in June, […]

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Hospitals Increasingly Under Pressure to Reduce Errors

The AP reports, “More than a dozen serious medical errors were reported at Middle Tennessee hospitals over the past three years – and federal statistics indicate probably 80 more were not reported.” Previously, “hospitals have been reluctant to admit mistakes, fearing malpractice lawsuits.” However, “hospitals are increasingly under pressure to reduce errors, and to do […]

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Some Doctors Handing Out Medicaid Prescriptions for Potent Drugs to Kids

Texas has a handful of physicians taking advantage of Medicaid rules by prescribing inappropriate medications for children. This is not only bad for the kids, but eats up Medicaid money that should go to other people. The problem was detailed in an editorial in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Here are excerpts: With little oversight […]

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Hospital Cost Shifting Adds to Auto Injury Claim Costs

According to a recent study from the Insurance Research Council, low reimbursements from public health insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, have prompted hospitals to shift costs to automobile insurance companies—raising auto injury claim costs and forcing auto insurers to more closely scrutinize and negotiate hospital bills prior to payment. The IRC estimates that […]

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Medicaid Will No Longer Pay Hospitals for Preventable Illnesses or Injuries

The National Journal reports, “Medicaid will no longer pay hospitals or doctors for certain preventable illnesses and injuries, such as operating on the wrong body part, the Health and Human Services Department said Wednesday.” In a statement, Donald Berwick, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said, “These steps will encourage health professionals […]

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Who Represents Me in Washington and in Austin?

We are in the midst of some very bad legislative proposals, both in Washington and in Austin. Whether you’re concerned about the loss of Medicare (Washington) or passage of a corporate immunity bill (Austin), you should contact your representatives and make your concerns known. There is a handy site for Texas who want to know […]

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HHS Initiative Aims to Reduce Medical Errors and Cut Costs

Print media sources widely covered an announcement last week that the Obama Administration was partnering with hospitals, insurers and other groups in order to reduce medical errors. Most sources considered the move a positive for the Administration. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Obama administration announced a broad new initiative Tuesday to reduce medical errors, […]

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Babies and Grandmas: Who Will Texas’ Medicaid Cuts Hurt Most?

The Texas Legislature is facing a huge budget deficit and must either cut expenses or raise taxes. This is Texas, so we know our taxes won’t be increased. That means severe cuts in services, and the only question is which services, and therefore which residents, suffer the most. The Houston Chronicle ran an article about […]

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State Budget Cuts May Mean Hundreds of Nursing Homes Close

The proposed budget cuts put forward by the Texas Legislature could have a devastating effect on the nursing home industry and the patients who live in nursing homes. This blunt fact was detailed in a recent article in the Dallas Morning News. Here are excerpts: Hundreds of nursing homes, including dozens in Dallas-Fort Worth, may […]

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Dementia Patients Hospitalized Too Often

A disturbing study about the care of dementia patients has been summarized in the New York Times. The bottom line is that many people with dementia are hospitalized unnecessarily. Here are excerpts from the article: Perhaps no group of nursing home residents is more vulnerable than those with advanced dementia: unable to speak for themselves, […]

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