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Pharmacists Across the U.S. Sound the Alarm

Pharmacists across the U.S. warn that the push to do more with less has made medication errors more likely. “I am a danger to the public,” one wrote to a regulator. In letters to state regulatory boards and in interviews with The New York Times, many pharmacists at companies like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens […]

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Eli Lilly Secretly Paid Millions to Secure Favorable Verdict in Mass Shooting Lawsuit

USA Today reports Prozac maker Eli Lilly “secretly paid the victims” of Joseph Wesbecker’s deadly shooting rampage “$20 million to help ensure a verdict exonerating the drug company.” Wesbecker began taking Prozac about a month before the shooting and in a trial “Wesbecker’s victims and their families said the Prozac he took helped incite his murderous […]

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Workers in High-Injury Occupations More Prone to Opioid Overdoses

The Boston Globe reports according to a study (PDF) by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, “construction workers, farmers, fishermen, and others employed in workplaces where injury is common die of opioid overdoses at rates five or six times greater than the average worker.” Having little job security or sick pay, “often the case in high-injury […]

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American Medical Association Wants Warnings in Legal Ads that Could Deter Patients from Medications

Forbes posts a Legal Newsline report that says the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy to push for warnings about TV ads that could “cause patients to stop using necessary medications.” The ads come from firms that want to find plaintiffs for lawsuits over “complications from new medicines.” The AMA wants the ads to “include […]

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What Can I Do if the Pharmacy Gave Me the Wrong Prescription?

Doctors routinely prescribe medications for their patients to treat all types of illnesses and injuries. When a pharmacy fills the prescription, people have a right to expect that the pharmacist is well-trained and will dispense the correct medication. While most pharmacies are safe, prescription errors are not uncommon, which puts the public at risk. If […]

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Thoughts on the American Drug and Medication Culture

This article is provided by Noah Rue. Noah is a writer, a digital nomad, and a graduate of the lessons of life (primary) and also the University of Idaho. These days, Noah teaches English as a second language in lovely Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and moonlights as a content strategist for an American based marketing company. The […]

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Pharmacy Facts: 4 Ways The Prescription Drug Marketing Act Affects You

The Prescription Drug Marketing Act was put in place in the 1980’s. The main aim of putting in place the law was to make sure that all the drugs that were being sold to consumers all over the country were safe and effective. It was also supposed to shield the Americans from the effects of […]

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Neurologists Urge Caution With Opioids For Non-Cancer Use

The Los Angeles Times reports that patients on opioid painkillers for chronic pain unrelated to cancer, such as headaches, may face a situation where the risks of taking the medications outweigh the benefits. The paper notes that patients “are more likely to risk overdose, addiction and a range of debilitating side effects than they are […]

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Boxed Warnings on Antidepressants Tied to Increased Suicide Attempts in Young People

Here’s a case of unintended consequences — warning people that antidepressants might lead to suicide apparently causes the users to actually go ahead and commit suicide. USA Today reports that according to a study published online in the BMJ, boxed “warnings that antidepressant medications might prompt suicidal thinking in some young people may have backfired, […]

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Warning Labels, Patent Loss Have Greatly Reduced Lawsuits Over Antidepressants

The number of lawsuits over violent acts committed under the influence of antidepressants, which “caused such angst for companies such as Eli Lilly and Co.,” have “pretty much subsided,” reports the Indianapolis Star. While use of the drugs “is as widespread as ever,” the number of suits has fallen off because of the FDA’s decision 10 […]

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