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Crash Data Collected by Various Car Manufacturers Has Made Cars Safer

The New York Times reports that in Sweden, Volvo has “dispatched its own crash-scene investigators since the early 1970s.” The automaker is “not alone in sending investigators to crash sites, but it pioneered the practice.” Today, several manufacturers “take a similar approach to glean valuable real-world information on what happens to vehicles and their occupants after […]

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As Automakers Add Technology to Cars, Software Bugs Follow

Faulty computer systems are prompting class-action lawsuits by disgruntled car owners, a symptom of automakers’ transition to the digital age. Thousands of car owners have joined class-action lawsuits that accuse carmakers of selling vehicles with faulty entertainment and related systems. Jack Ewing, The New York Times FULL ARTICLE From the Texas Trial Lawyers Association news release.

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Carmakers Work to Remain Step Ahead of Hackers

The New York Times reports hackers “seemingly can’t wait for the opportunity to commandeer vehicles.” In 2019, the automotive cybersecurity company Karamba Security “posted a fake vehicle electronic control unit online.” In under three days, 25,000 breach attempts “were made, and one succeeded.” A fleet of cars “could be commandeered and made to steer erratically, potentially […]

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Utah Bucked Alcohol Industry With Its Tougher DUI Law. A New Study Shows It Made Roads Safer.

An article in The Washington Post indicates that Utah’s tough new DWI law might be working well. Here are the opening paragraphs: When Utah passed a law lowering its blood-alcohol limit for driving to .05 percent, the alcohol industry responded with a sarcastic, full-page “Thank you” advertisement in a local newspaper, complete with pink and […]

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Speed Cameras and Speed-Camera Detector Laws

Traffic enforcement speed cameras aren’t legal in all states. If you want to check whether your state allows them, here’s a good chart. The commercial website has interesting information about traffic enforcement speed cameras.  Check out the article, but here are the opening paragraphs: What is a speed camera detector? A speed camera detector […]

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Report: More Drivers Die Outside Disabled Vehicles in Texas

Texas ranks first in the nation among these deaths, according to a report from AAA. From 2015 to 2019, 263 people died on Texas roads after their vehicle became disabled. Data cited in that report found California had the second-highest total with 248. The report, released in December 2021, gathered the most recent data from […]

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Drivers Sue Tesla, Alleging False Advertising of Autopilot, FSD

The Hill reported that a Tesla owner “sued the electric car manufacturer on Wednesday, alleging the company falsely advertised its autopilot technology and misled customers about the technology’s capabilities.” Briggs Matsko “filed the class-action lawsuit on behalf of himself and other customers who ‘never received the self-driving car that Tesla promised them.’” Matsko “paid an extra […]

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Unsafe Drivers Made up Larger Share of Motorists During Pandemic, Study Says

Most people know that traffic injuries and deaths continued at a high rate even though there were fewer drivers on the road during the pandemic. Many reports attributed this anomaly to higher speeds while roads weren’t clogged. But now the Washington Post is reporting on a different theory. Their article claims that a higher percentage […]

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MIT: Tesla Drivers Become ‘Inattentive’ While Using AutoPilot

ExtremeTech has an interesting article about driver inattention while using Tesla autopilot. Here are the opening paragraphs: US safety officials are asking Tesla to pump the brakes on its full self-driving (FSD) feature, which the company plans on releasing to a wider range of drivers in a matter of days. They have good reason to […]

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Understanding and Preventing Road Rage: An Essential Guide for Drivers

The commercial website has good information about road rage. Check it out. Here are the opening paragraphs: How can you prevent road rage? If you’re involved in an accident caused by road rage, are you covered by your car insurance policy? What if you’re the aggressive driver at fault? Our guide answers all those […]

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