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Video: The State of Self-Driving Cars

As the race for self-driving cars accelerates, experts weigh in on their status and just how long until they think it will be until autonomous automobiles take over. CBS News,  FULL ARTICLE From the Texas Trial Lawyers Association news release.

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Tesla Defends Autopilot Feature Amid “Growing Number of Crashes”

The New York Times reports on the “growing number of crashes involving” Tesla’s Autopilot feature that “fueled concerns about the technology’s shortcomings and could call into question the development of similar systems used by rival carmakers. And as cars take on more tasks previously done by humans, the development of these systems could have major ramifications […]

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Blinded by Brighter Headlights?

The rising use of light-emitting diodes and the popularity of pickups and S.U.V.s have prompted complaints about the glare and intensity of headlights. Advances in lighting technology have improved nighttime driving for many, but the introduction of brighter lights that also sit higher on S.U.V.s and pickups has given rise to widespread criticism that headlights […]

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NHTSA Says Tesla’s Touchscreen Drive Selector Does Not Violate Federal Motor Vehicle Rules

The Verge reports Tesla’s decision to “remove the gear-selector stalk from the steering wheel and automate shifting between park, reverse, neutral, and drive (PRND) does not violate any federal motor vehicle rules, a spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency told The Verge.” A video of a “new touchscreen interface that will be available […]

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Driving has an interesting article about the most dangerous and the safest cities to drive in. The most dangerous was no surprise to me because I drive in it every day. Here are the opening paragraphs: Driving is one of the most common activities in everyday life, but it’s also one of the riskiest. According […]

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NHTSA Plans Regulations Requiring Automatic Braking on Large Trucks, Testing Standards for Autonomous Vehicles

The AP reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to “move to require or set standards for automatic emergency braking systems on new heavy trucks,” according to changes announced as part of “its spring regulatory agenda.” NHTSA also plans to “require what it said are rigorous testing standards for autonomous vehicles, and set up a […]

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US Study: Cars’ Adaptive Cruise Control Raises Crash Risks

Adaptive cruise control systems on cars, which control braking and speed, raise the risk of traffic crashes because the technology leads drivers to go faster, a U.S. study found on Thursday. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that drivers using adaptive cruise control (ACC) were more likely to set a target speed that was […]

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Record Year for Texas Road Deaths

More than 4,400 people were killed on Texas roadways last year, the second-largest number for state roads ever and 500 more than 2020. Only 1980, before seat belt laws and vast safety improvements in automobiles, had a higher number of fatalities with 4,714. Read Article: Houston Chronicle  

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Felony Charges in CA are 1st in a Fatal Crash Involving Autopilot

California prosecutors have filed two counts of vehicular manslaughter against the driver of a Tesla on Autopilot who ran a red light, slammed into another car and killed two people in 2019. The defendant appears to be the first person to be charged with a felony in the United States for a fatal crash involving a […]

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NTSB Chair Says DOT Should Stop Citing Misleading Statistic on Traffic Fatalities

The AP reports National Transportation Safety Board chair Jennifer Homendy – “the nation’s top safety investigator” – “says a widely cited government statistic that 94% of serious crashes are solely due to driver error is misleading and that the Transportation Department should stop using it.” While the government has used the statistic to promote “the […]

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