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Elites — Clan Rules

Elites Rules — Updated 5/28/2021

Welcome to the Elites clan. We want you to have fun, sharpen your skills, and grow. The clan is here for you and will support your journey. In return, we require you to follow these rules:

1. You must communicate with us. Read Rovio chat every time you enter the game. Download the free Line chat app and use it.

2. You must make at least 3 points in a 200 event, 6 points in a 400 event, and 9 points in a 600 event. If you know in advance you cannot meet the minimums you must let the leadership know. If you don’t meet the minimum requirement,  don’t communicate, and don’t have a history of good performance you may be kicked from the clan before the event ends but not from Line chat. If you have a good explanation for your situation we will let you reenter the clan after the event ends. If you do have a history of good performance you will be not be kicked from the clan and will be allowed to make up your points in the next event. Please do not abuse this privilege. NEVER sit at one point or at zero points in a 200, 400, or 600 point event. Don’t play once if you don’t have time to play twice. Without an excuse, any member sitting at one point or at zero can be kicked at any time. There is only a three-point minimum requirement in all events for birds with base flock power lower than 250. We have other reasons for keeping those players in the clan.

3, You must play multiple times in every Clan Battle — use as many of your free plays as possible but at least two games each day. Please play early and don’t wait until the last minute to play events or battles. Clan battles are mandatory. Failure to play in a clan battle will result in you being kicked from the clan. If you know you will not be able to play, tell the leaders before the battle starts so we can temporarily remove you from the clan. NEVER leave the clan in the middle of a battle. Your points cannot be recovered and any new members will not be able to play once a battle has begun.

4. We use stat sheets for each game and for a 10-game average. We primarily use the stat sheets for self-development. Please review the stats to see how your percentage stacks up against the other members. If you’re near the bottom, you might want to ask the leaders for tips to improve your scoring.

5. Please play the MEBC daily so our clan ranking will rise. You should play the arena regularly to increase your Star Rank and to get rewards. We encourage you to play map levels to increase your skill. Practice makes perfect, and the more you play in any section of the game the better you will become.

6. Once an event goal has been reached, the top spots with individual rewards are locked. You must not overtake these locked positions but you still must put up your minimum points for each event. Any member who deliberately overtakes one of the top spots after the event goal has been reached can be removed from the clan and can ask for re-entry.

7. Religious, political, racial, sexual, or other offensive off-topic comments will not be tolerated in any chat room. Mean-spirited insults of other members will not be tolerated. Be aware that different members have different tolerances for offensive language and please act accordingly. Talking about your family, your work, the weather, and other such non-game topics is fine. This is a no-drama clan. If you can’t keep it that way you may be removed. If you have an issue, please contact one of the leaders privately. At the discretion of a majority of the leaders, for any reason and in the best interests of the clan, any player can be removed at any time.

8. Each clan member is required to do their part without the leaders being forced to remind or beg. This is a clan for dedicated players only.

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