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NEW DOMINO RECORD + Most INSANE Spiral Ever! (32,000 Dominoes)

82 days of building later, I'm proud to present to you my new personal domino record with 32,000 dominoes! It also includes my best spiral yet that falls in an incredibly satisfying way. Please share this video if you enjoyed! It really would mean a lot to me after nearly 3 months of work 🙂

It was a joy creating such a big passion project. I tried to make the most interesting designs I could, and sort of created a fire vs. ice color scheme within it. This was really quite a falldown! I will make a behind the scenes video of the whole topple eventually 🙂

See how this project was made in my 8-part "buildup" playlist:
Watch how it REALLY fell:

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Hi there! My name is Lily Hevesh, also known as “Hevesh5.” As a Domino Artist, I design, build, and topple thousands of dominoes in intricate arrangements. I’ve been fortunate to be able to create Domino Art full-time, and do commercial projects for Hollywood films, TV shows, and events. My mission is to use domino videos as a way to inspire others to be creative, learn by doing, and get involved in this STEAM-based hobby and art form.


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? MUSIC: Khamix - Exura
Music Provided By: Magic Records
Listen to the original:

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